1,600 Species of Landscape Trees (YUAN LIN SHU MU 1600 ZHONG)


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Author: Zhang Tianlin
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787112119110
Published on: 2010-01
Soft Cover

Book is compilation of all the major cities and scenic areas in China and learning see wild cultivation 1,600 kinds of woody plants, with its important varieties, forms, varieties and planting additional trees, a total of more than 2,600 species, including cultivars (varieties) in particular rich, species by advanced arrangement of families and genera of the system, focusing on the form is a brief description. The brief description of species morphology. Identify key points highlighted on the origin, distribution, habits, ornamental characteristics, landscape uses and are also described significant economic value. All the species are with the full Latin name, most accompanied by an English name and with illustrated book of 1014.

Overview of landscape trees
All of ornamental trees
I. Pteridophyta
II. Gymnosperm
III. Angiosperm
1 Dicotyledon
(A) Magnoliidae
(B) Hamamelididae
(C) pink subclass
(D) Dilleniidae
(6) Asteridae
2 Monocotyledon
(A) The main keys of woody plants Division
(B) Trees Chinese Name Index (Alphabetical)
(C) A name index Latin Arts

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