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Author: Wenzhao-Tao
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119095615
Published on: 2015-09
Soft Cover


Chapter 1 Exchanges  1.1 Early Trade and Cultural Exchanges  1.2 The Treaty of Wanghia and the Establishment of Relations Between China and the U.S.  1.3 Controversy over the Burlingame Treaty  1.4 Exclusion of Chinese and the Issue of Chinese Labor in the United StatesChapter 2 The Open-door Policy and Its Implementation  2.1 The Open-door Poficy: The Gap Between Policy and Practice  2.2 The United States and the 1911 Revolution  2.3 The Paris Peace Conference: A Proud Day for ChineseChapter 3 The Washington Conference: The United States and Wars and Revolution in China  3.1 The Washington Conference and Settling of the Shandong Issue  3.2 The United States, Wars and Revolution in China in the 1920s  3.3 The U.S. and the Nanjing Nationalist GovernmentChapter 4 The 1930s: Toward a China-U.S. Alliance  Against Japanese Aggression  4.1 From Liutiao Lake to Marco Polo Bridge  4.2 The Nationalist Government "Clings On in Hope of Rescue"  4.3 Toward an Alliance Against Japanese Aggression  4.4 The Early War Period, CPC Non-Governmental  Contacts with the U.S.Chapter 5 Wartime Allies  5.1 The Rocky Road of Military Cooperation  5.2 Building a Special Relationship  5.3 The U.S. Army Observer Section in Yah'an  5.4 Shift in U.S. Policy Toward China  5.5 The Yalta Conference, the United States and the  Sino-Soviet TreatyChapter 6 U.S. Involvement in China's Civil War  6.1 The Marshall Mediation  6.2 The China Aid Act of 1948  6.3 Toward ConfrontationChapter 7 The Age of Confrontation and Isolation  7.1 Confrontation in Korea  7.2 American Containment of China  7.3 Two Crises in the Taiwan Strait  7.4 China-U.S. Ambassadorial TalksChapter 8 A Slow Thaw  8.1 Changes in China's Diplomacy  8.2 Adjustment in U.S. Policy Toward China  8.3 A Historic HandshakeChapter 9 Difficult Normalization  9.1 Stagnation  9.2 Normalization  9.3 The Taiwan Relations Act  9.4 The Birth of the August 17 Communique  9.5 China Reiterates Its Independent Foreign PolicyChapter 10 Renormalization of China-U.S. Relations in the Post Cold War Era  10.1 U.S. Pressure Follows 1989 Turmoil in Beijing  10.2 Drastic Changes Across the Taiwan Strait  10.3 Heads of State Visits  10.4 Disaster Out of the Blue  10.5 China's Accession to the WTO and U.S. Legislation on PNTR for ChinaChapter 11 China-U.S. Relations in the New Century  11.1 Establishing Constructive and Cooperative Relations  11.2 Maintaining Stability in the Taiwan Strait Region  11.3 Continuing to Promote Mutually Beneficial and Win-Win Trade and Economic Relations  11.4 Cooperation on Regional and International Issues  Conclusion Toward a New Model of Major-CountryRelationshipIndex 

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