2002 Annual Report IMP & HIRFL-Institute of Modern Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences & National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Accelerator, Lanzhou


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Author: Zhan Wenlong
Language: English
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Table of Contents

1. Theoretical Nuclear Physcies
(1) Three-body Force Effects on Nuclear Pairing
(2) Three-body Force Effect on Proton Fraction in Neutron Star Matter
(3) Equation of State of Spin-polarized Neutron Matter from BHF Approach
(4) Proton and Neutron Mean Free Paths in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter and Effect of Ground State Correlations
(5) Depaendence of Isospin Fractionation on Neutron-proton Ratio of Colliding System
(6) Isospin Fractionation in Nucleon Emission and Fragmentation at Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Collisions
(7) Dependence of Density Kaon an dAntikaon Mass In-medium
(8) Medium Influence of Nucleon Nucleon Cross Section on Nuclon Emissions at Intermediate Heavy Ion Collisions
(9) Evaporation Residue Cross-sections of Super-heavy Nuclear Production
(10) Roles of Gas Phase and Liquid Phase in Isospin Fractionation Process
(11) Optimal Excitation Energy of Superheavy Compound Nuclei Produced in Heavy Ion Fusion Reactions
(12) Potential Energy Surface in Deformed Di-Nuclear System
(13) Survival Probability of Super Heavy Nuclei
(14) Systematic Properties of Supe Heavy Nuclei
(15) Nondegenerated Spin States of Big Spinor Bose Condensates
(16) A Computational Approach for Point Defects in AIN Crystal
(17) Splitting Spin States of Small Spinor Bose Condensates beyond Single-mode Approximation
(18) Photon Yield and Distribution for 60 Me V Electron+Tungsten Target
(19) Isospin Fractionation, a Probe to Explore Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Equation of State
(20) Chemical Instability of High Density Nuclear Matter
2. Experimental Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry
(1) Nuclear Reaction Cross-section Measurement with High Accuracy at RIBLL
(2) Reaction Cross-section Measurements of Neutron-rich Nuclei 11,12,14Be and 13-15B
(3) Determination of Lonitudinal Momentum Distributions of 4He Fragments from Breakup of 6 He
(4) Non-reproducibility of Cross Sections Measured in Dissipative Collisions of 19F+93Nb
(5) New Beta-delayed Proton Precursor 149 Yb near Proton-drip Line
(6) Search for Decay γRays of 195 Os
(7) Rotational Bands in 169Re
(8) Indication of Negative Triaxial Deformation in Very Neutron-deficient Odd-A Re Isotopes
(9) Observation of Rotational Bands in Odd-odd 172Re
(10) Extraction Studies of 46Sc from HCl Medium with PMBP
(11) Solvent Extraction of 46Sc from Hydrochloric Acid Solution by 1-pheny1-3-methy1-4-bonzoy1-5-pyrazone in Cyclohexane and Chloroform
(12) An Isomer in 136Ba
(13) β-delayed Proton Decay of 93Pd
(14) Excited States in 207Rn
(15) High-spin Level Structure of 141Nd
(16) A New Isomer in 142Pm
(17) Study of Level Structure in 146Tb
(18) Interpretation of Yrast Levels in 145Tb
3. Application of Heavy Ion Physics and Nuclear technique
(1) Strong Electronic Excitation Effect of Thin C60 Films Induced by 2.0 GeV Xe Ions
(2) New Chemical Bonds Formation in N-doped Diamond Induced by High Energy heavy Ion Irradiations
(3) XRD Investigation of Phase Change in N-doped Diamond after High Energy heavy Ion Irradiations
(4) Intense Electronic Excitations Inducd Formation of Light-emitters in C-doped SiO2 Films
(5) RBS Analysis of N-profile in N-doped Diamond after Hight Energy Heavy Ion Irradiations
(6) STM and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Graphite Irradiated by Havy Ions
(7) Application of Thermalo Spike Model on Swift heavy Ion Latent Tracks in Polycarbonate
(8) Modeling of Defect Production in Helium-implanted Silicon Carbide Crystal-an explanation of our TEM results
(9) TEM Study of Microstructures in Chlorine-implanted Silicon
(10) A Study of Microstructures in Helium-implanted 4H-SiC by RBS-channeling and TEM
(11) XRD Study of PET Irradiated by 1.158 GeV Fe Ions
(12) Range Distribution of ultralow Energy Fe+ Ions Implanted into Embryo of Wheat Seed
(13) Location Determination of Ion Track Hitting Rice Seed Loaded in Shenzhou 3
(14) Growth Delay of Mouse Lewis Tumors by Carbon Ion Radiation
(15) Distribution of Heavy Ions in Space on Experiment and Monte Carlo Simulation for Radiation Breeding
(16) Experience Formula of Nuclear Reaction Total Section for Calculating Dose
(17) Observation of DNA Damage of Human Hepatoma Cells Irradiated by Heavy Ions Using Comet Assay
(18) Preliminary Study of Time Effect on DNA Damage of Human Hepatoma Cells Irradiated by Heavy Ions
(19) Improvement of Herbage by Heavy Ion Beams
4. Atomic physics
(1) Two-electron QED Studies for Helium-like Uranium
(2) Exclusive Population of n=2 S-states in He-like Uranium by Ionization Process
(3) Polarization Measurements in Radiative Electron Capture into High-Z Ions
(4) Q and Z Dependece of Two-electron Processes in Low Energy Ion Collisions
(5) Fragmention of Cq+ 60 (q=2-5) for three Time Scales using an Electrostatic cone Trap
(6) Lifetime of Cr+ 60 (r=3,4,5)
(7) Monte Carlo Simulation of Time-of-Flight Spectrum Produced in Ion-atom Collisions
(8) Measuremnts of Multiply Charged Ti Atomic Spectrum
(9) Visible Light Spectra Inducd by Highly Charged Ar10+ Ion on Al and p-type Si Surfaces
(10) Emission Light Spectrum Induced by Interaction of Highly Charged 126 Xeq+ -ions with Solid Surface of Ti
5. Computer Technique and Electronics
(1) HIRFL-CSR Control System Progress
(2) Timing in Accelerator Control System
(3) Application of BLOB and COM in CSR Control System
(4) CSR Control System Real Time Display
(5) COM in Vacuum Control System
(6) Low-level Control System of Data Acquisition
(7) 2/5 Phase Step Motor Control System
(8) Application of Beam Chopper in Invstigation of Effect of Heavy Ion-sound
(9) CGI programming on Embedded Controller over CAMAC
(10) Thermoelectrically Cooled Si PIN Detector for X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
(11) Development of an Axially Symmetric BGO Anti-Compton Shield Detector
(12) Invstigation of a Compact PET Detector
(13) A Large Area PPAC for using in Tumor therapy with Heavy Ions
(14) A Multi-plate PPAC for Detecting Light Ions
(15) A Multi-anode Transverse-field Gas Ionization Chamber
(16) Control System for Multi-channel PMT High Voltage Power Supply at LASCAR
(17) A large-area Plastic-scintillation-fiber Ion Detector Array
(18) 2-dimntion Imaging Delay-line MCP-detector for Ion-molecule Studies
(19) Surface Mount Technology
(20) Reflow Soldering
(21) A High Sensitive Etching Set-up
6. Accelerator and the Others
(1) Status and Progress of HIRFL
(2) Status of CSR Beam Diagnostics
(3) Progress of CSR Power Supply System
(4) Design of BUMPER Power Supply of CSR
(5) Progress of HIRFL-CSR Electron Cooling Device for Main Ring
(6) Progress of CSR Injection and Extraction System
(7) HIRFL-CRS Vacuum System
(8) HIRFL-CRS Vacuum Baking-out System
(9) Design and Making of Vacuum Components for CSRm
(10) Progression of HIRFL-CSR Magnet System
(11) Design of Normal Section Correctors in CSRm
(12) Design of Kicker Magnet of CSRm
(13) Measurements of 21.6℃-type Dipoles for CSCm Injection Beam Line
(14) Protecting System for Magnet Coils of SSC
(15) Magnetic Measurements of Quadrupoles for HIRFL Beam Line
(16) Building up of Proton Beam Line Vacuum System
(17) Vacuum Cleaning for HIRFL Post-beam Line Vacuum System
(18) A New Topology for Low-voltage High-current DC-DC Coverter
(19) Design of Switched Magnet Power Supply
(20) Status of HIRFL Power Supply System Upgrading
(21) Transportation of High Current Highly Charged Ion Beams
(22) Progress of Internal Targt System
(23) Long-Term Operation of SSC RF Cavities at Hight RF Voltag
(24) SFC200kW Radio Frequency Computer Control System
(25) New Frequency Tuning System of SFC D Circuit
(26) Progress Report of New Rebuncher Project in HIRFL at IMP
(27) Status of IMP Superconducting ECR-SECRAL
(28) Production of Highly Charged Ion Beams on LECR3
(29) Metal Ion Beams in ECRIS
(30) Operation Report of 200 kV Heavy Ion Accelerator
(31) Status Report on 600 KV Cockroft-Walton Acclerator
(32) Environment Samples Radioactivity measurements and Analyses
7. Appendices
(1) International Scienctific Exchanges in 2002
(2) Contributions to International and National Symposium
(3) Publications
(4) The Theses of Doctorate in 2002
(5) The theses of master in 2002


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