2005 Asian Fluid Machinery: the 8th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery, Oct 12-15, 2005, Yichang, China


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Author: Xue Shengxiong et al.
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7810932640
Published on: 2005-01


Session 1:B-Blower and fan
B01 Prediction Of Flow Characteristics In Multi-Blade Fan
B02 Identification And Experimental Determination Of Various Losses in A Radial Tipped Centrifugal Blower/Fan
B03 The Unbalanced Rotor Response Analysis for Fcc Expander
B04 Flow Analysis of the Vertical Axis Cross-Flow Wind Turbine
B05 Experinental Investigation On Flow In Gap Between A Rotationg
B06 Design Of An Axial Flow Fan With Shape Optimization
B07 Devepment Of High Speed Jet Fan By Cfd
B08 Slip Factor Assessment And Experimental Analysis For Radial Tipped Centrifugal Blower
B09 Development Of An Air-Separatop For Application To A Primary
B10 Technical Development And Application Of Four Machine Train
B11 Technical Development And Application Of Four Machine Train
B12 Study On Tip Leakage Vortex In A Smallaxial Fax
B13 On A New Approa Ch To Perfomance Estiomation Of Straight-Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Session 2:C-Compressor
Session 3:H-Hydro-Turbine
Session 4:J-Jet Technology
Session 5:P I-Pump I
Session 6:PⅡ-PumpⅡ
Session 7:PⅢ-PumpⅢ
Session 8:V-Valve and Pipe

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