2007 China Agriculture Development Report


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Author: The Ministry of Agriculture
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787109124400
Published on: 2008-01
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Agricultural Development in 2006
General Situation
Crop Fanning
Animal Husbandry
Township Enterprises
Land Reclamation Economy
Price and Market
Import and Export of Farm Produce
Income and Distribution in Rural Areas
Farmers' Income and Consumption
Agricultural Investment
Comprehensive Agricultural Development
Poverty Relief and Development
Agricultural Mechanization
Feed Industry
Grassland Protection and Construction
Aquatic Resources and Environmental Protection
Industrialized Operation of Agriculture
Farm Product Processing
Development of Plant Disease and Pest Prevention and Control System
Development of Animal Disease Prevention and Control System
Rural Market Information System
Agricultural Products Quality Control and Safety System_ _
Agricultural Science and Technology, Education and Technology Promotion
Development of Talented People in Agricultural Sector
Improving Agricultural Administrative Capacity
Agricultural Disasters
Sustainable Development of Agriculture
International Cooperation and Exchanges on Agriculture
Agriculture and Rural Policy in 2006
Overall Evaluation
Total Elimination of the Agricultural Tax
Increases in Subsidies to Agriculture
Rural Land Contract Management
Management of Rural Collective Assets and Finances
Lightening Farmers' Burdens
Promoting Overall Rural Reform
Deepening Rural Banking Reform
Reform of the Grain Circulation System
Reform of the Cotton Circulation System
Reform and Buildup of the Grass-roots Agricultural Technique Propagation System
Reform of the Veterinary Management System
Reform of the Seeds Management System
WTO and Chinese Agriculture
Agricultural Restructuring
Transfer of Rural Labor Force
Agricultural Legislation
Agricultural Development and National Economy in 2006
General Situation
Contribution of Agriculture to the National Economy
Agriculture and Distribution of the National Income
Development of Rural Non-Agriculture Sectors and National Economic Growth
Proportional Relations between Industrial and Agricultural Development
Disparity between Urban and Rural Residents' Incomes
Consumption Differences between Urban and Rural Residents
Regional Differences in Economic Development
Trend of Agricultural Development in 2007
Development Objectives and Tasks
Conditions for Agricultural Development
Trend of Agricultural Development Forecast
Figure 1Area Sown to Various Crops in 1990 and 2006
Figure 2Total Output of Grain in 1990-2006
Figure 3Total Output of Cotton in 1990-2006
Figure 4Total Output of Oil-bearing Crops in 1990-2006
Figure 5Total Output of Sugar-bearing Crops in 1990-2006
Figure 6Total Output of Fruits in 1990-2006
Figure 7Total Output of Meat in 1990-2006
Figure 8Total Output of Aquatic Products in 1990-2006
Figure 9Changes in Year-end Number of Employment of Township Enterprises in 2004-2006
Figure 10Value Added of Township Enterprises in 2004-2006
Figure 11Monthly Wholesale Prices of Pork, Silver Carp and Vegetables in 2006
Figure 12Indices of Agricultural Producer Prices and Means of Agricultural Production Prices in 1990-2006
Figure 13Volume of Chemical Fertilizer Application and Price Index in 1990-2006
Figure 14Monthly Retail Prices of Urea in 2006
Figure 15Volume of Farm Pesticide Application and Retail Price Index in 1994-2006
Figure 16Output and Import of Chemical Fertilizer in 1990-2006
Figure 17Consumer Price Indices of Urban and Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 18Farm Produce Export in Proportion to National Total in 1990-2006
Figure 19Farm Produce Import in Proportion to National Total in 1990-2006
Figure 20Grain Import and Export in 1990-2006
Figure 21Per Capita Costs of Living of Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 22Total Power Capacity of Farm Machinery in 1990-2006
Figure 23Acreage under Irrigation in 1990-2006
Figure 24Acreage Hit by Natural Disasters in 1990-2006
Figure 25Disaster-stricken Acreage in 1990-2006
Figure 26Changes in the Acreage of Cultivated Land in China in 1998-2006
Figure 27Changes in the Structure of Reductions in Cultivated Land in 2000-2006
Figure 28Changes in Proportion of Agriculture in National Budgetary Revenue and Expenditure in 1992-2006
Figure 29Changes in Proportion of Agricultural Loans to All Loans Granted by Financial Institutions in 1992-2006
Figure 30Changes in Proportion of Value Added of Agriculture to GDP in 1990-2006
Figure 31Changes in Proportion of Retail Sales of Consumer Goods in Rural Areas to National Total in 1990-2006
Figure 32Changes in Proportion of Agricultural Labor Force to Total Rural Labor Force in 1990-2006
Figure 33Changes in Proportion of Non-Agricultural Rural Labor Force to Total Employed Population in China in 1990-2006
Figure 34Changes in Incomes of Urban and Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 35Changes in Engel' s Co-efficient for Urban and Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 36Changes in Average Per-Capita Grain Consumption by Urban and Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 37Changes in Average Per-capita Consumption of Pork, Beef and Mutton by Urban and Rural Residents in 1990-2006
Figure 38Shares of Value Added of Township Enterprises in Eastern, Central' Western and Nowtheastewn Regions in 2005 and 2006
Column 1Balanced Fertilization
Column 2Action Outline of China for Conservation and Protection of Aquatic Living Resources
Column 3Tax and Fee Reform in State-owned Farms
Column 4Aid Tibet with Agricultural Development
Column 5Law on Agricultural Product Quality and Safety
Column 6Development of Circular Agriculture
Column 7Law on Farmers' Professional Cooperatives
Column 8Pushing Ahead with the Work to Build a Modem Agriculture
Table 1Status of Rural Economy in National Economy
Table 2Labor Force in Rural Areas
Table 3Total Output Value and Composition of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
Table 4Material Conditions for Agricultural Production
Table 5Agricultural Investment
Table 6Cultivated Land Acreage
Table 7Acreage Sown to Crops
Table 8Natural Disasters for Agriculture and Flood and Salinization Control
Table 9Original Value of Productive Fixed Assets Per Household in Rural Areas
Table 10Basic Conditions of Rural Households
Table 11Output of Major Farm Produce
Table 12Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Products
Table 13Major Financial and Economic Efficiency Indices of Township Enterprises
Table 14Rice Supply and Demand and Prices
Table 15Wheat Supply and Demand and Prices
Table 16Corn Supply and Demand and Prices
Table 17Soybean Supply and Demand and Prices
Table 18Output, Import and Export of Grain and Edible Plant Oil
Table 19Output, Import and Export of Cotton and Sugar
Table 20Pork Production, Consumption, Import and Export
Table 21Output, Import and Prices of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides
Table 22Per Capita Income of Urban and Rural Residents
Table 23Per Capita Spending of Urban and Rural Residents
Table 24Per Capita Food Consumption of Urban and Rural Residents
Table 25Price Indices
Table 26Production Price Index of Farm Products
Table 27Classified Retail Price Indices in Urban and Rural Areas
Table 28Wholesale Prices of "Vegetable Basket" Products
Table 29Financial Revenue and Expenditure in Different Regions in 2006
Table 30Distribution of Rural Economic Returns
Table 31Rural Household Population and Labor Force in 2006
Table 32Enterprises, Employment and Cultivated Land in Administrative Villages in 2006

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