2013-China Water Development Report


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Author: Editorial Board of China Water Development R
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7517010255
Published on: 2013-07

2013-China Water Development Report 《2013中国水利发展报告(英文版)》主要内容包括2013年中国水利发展的总体形势,包括:综合篇;政策法规;发展战略及规划计划;防汛抗旱减灾;水资源配置及城乡供水;水资源节约保护;农田水利水土保持;农村水电;体制机制改革;科技进步;国际合作与交流;水利数据解析;水利普查。

Accelerating Development of Water Sector for a Beautiful 
Promoting the Great Cause of Water Sector Modernization with 
Chinese Characteristics 
Strive to Open a New Chapter of Water Management for 
People's Livelihood 
Special Column I The Promulgation of the Important Central 
Policies and Regulations on Water Resources in 2012 
Special Column 2 The Implementation of the Opinions of 
the State Council on Practicing the Most Stringent Water 
Resources Management System 
Progress in Planning and Programming of the Ministry of 
Water Resources in 2012 
Special Column 3 Progress of Pilot Projects for Modernization 
of Water Sector in 2012 
Special Column 4 Progress of Pilot Projects for Accelerating 
Reform in Water Sector in 2012 
Illustration of Water Resources Development Plan (2011—2015) 
A Summary of Flood Control, Drought Relief and Disaster 
Mitigation in 2012 
Progress of Water Resources Allocation in 2012 
Progress of Rural Drinking Water Safety in 2012 
Progress in the Construction of the South—to—North Water 
Transfer Project in 2012 
Progress in Water Resources Protection and Water Eco—system 
Restoration in 2012 
Progress in Building a Water—saving Society in 2012 
Progress in Water—related Construction and Management in 
Progress in Resettlement Programs of Water—related Projects in 
Progress in Supervision and Administration of Construction 
and Operation Safety of the Water Sector in 2012 
Progress in Irrigation and Drainage for Farmland in 2012 
Special Column 5 National Guidelines for Water Saving in 
Agriculture (2012—2020) Issued by the General Office of the 
State Council 
Progress in Soil and Water Conservation in 2012 
Progress in Small Hydropower in 2012 
Progress and Achievements in Institutional Reform of Water 
Resources Investment and Financing (2011—2012) 
Progress in Water Science and Technology in 2012 
Special Column 6 List of Awarded Projects of Water Science 
and Technology in 2012 
International Exchange and Cooperation in 2012 
Progress in the First National Census for Water in 2012 
Special Column 7 Bulletin of the First National Census for 

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