30 years of China's Reform Through Chinese and International Scholars' Eyes

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Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119054797
Published on: 2008-01

China has entered a new stage in its reform, the stage of all-round reform. Human development is a basic requirement of the reform in this new stage. The all-round reform in the new stage entails the following main tasks: the market-oriented reform aimed at promoting a sound and rapid development of the national economy; the political restructuring aimed at developing democracy; the social restructuring aimed at providing basic and secure public services; and the reform of the cultural system aimed at advancing a thriving and innovative culture, and a more active and dynamic strategy of opening to the outside world. Confronted with hard issues in the process of reform, whether or not we will be able to make some major breakthroughs in readjusting interest-based relations has become the key to promoting the reform in an all-round way in the new stage. Therefore, while keeping to a "gradual" approach, the reform in the new stage will also need "relatively obvious breakthroughs."

Chapter 1:
China's Mode of Development
Chapter 2:
30 Years of China's Reform of the Administrative System
Chapter 3:
30 Years of China's Macro Economic Control
Chapter 4:
3o Years of China's SOE Reform
Chapter 5:
30 Years of China's Rural Reform
Chapter 6:
30 Years of Gradual Economic Reform in China--Income Distribution and Wealth Distribution
Chapter 7:
30 Years of Opening Up in China

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