30th International Geological Congress 4-14 August 1996, Beijing, China-Field Trip Guide (Vol.2)


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Author: Hou Hongfei
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7116022112
Published on: 1996-01


Geological field trips, as an important feature of the Internatioal Geological Congress, give the IGC participants every possible facility to study the geology and mineral resources of the country or region hosting the Congress. On the other hand, field excursions provide a good opportunity for the host country or region to present to the participants its unique geological conditions and the advances it has made in geoscientific research, and to discuss with them the confronting problems and the subjects that have aroused common concern in the world geoscientific community.
An extensive programme of field trips has been planned for the 30th IGC to show the typical features of continental geology in China. These trips are divided into three categories: Pre-, During- and Post-Congress. According to the response from the registrants, 79 of the 142 originally planned trips have been finally retained and list in the Third Circular. They highlight China's major orogenic belts, large-scale sedimentary basins, metallogenic belts with large or superlarge ore deposits of different genetic types, and a great variety of geological attractions. Natural hazards, environmental protection and fundamental geology are also the major emphasis of the excursions.
Guidebooks have been prepared and will be distributed to the participants prior to the start of each trip. In addition, six bound volumes of collected guidebooks, including some of the trips which were ultimately cancelled, have been compiled by the Field Trip Committee according to either discipline or region. They are:
Volume 1: Stratigraphy, paleontology, sedimentology, petroleum and coal geology, comprising field trips T106/T340, T112, T115, T302, T306, T313, T318, T320, T326, T348, T368,T381, T394 and T395.
Volume 2: Precambrian geology and mineral resources and seismology, including field trips T102,T105, T307, T309, T314, T315,T335, T355 and T356.
Volume 3: Volcanos, Quaternary geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, engineering geology,environmental geology and geothermics, embracing field trips T101, T327, T329, T332,T337, T346, T347, T351, T354, T359, T369, T372, T382, T388 and T389.
Volume 4: Petrology and mineral resources, consisting of field trips T103, T107/T342, T111/T361,T305, T317, T319, T324, T325, T333, T343,T358 and T386.
Volume 5: Regional geology, structural geology, geotectonics and metamorphic belts, comprising field trips T121/T387, T113, T116, T316, T328, T339, T364, T390, T391 and T392.
Volume 6: Geology of Beijing and its adjacent areas, including field trips from 7201 to T214


1. Precambrian Geology and Mineral Deposits of Eastern Liaoning Province
2. Precambrian Continental Crust Profile from Easter Hebei to Jixian, Tianjin
3. Precambrian Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Daqing-Wula Mountains in Inner Mongolia
4. Precambrian Geology and Mineral Deposits in Eastern Hebei Province
5. Neotectonics, Paleoseismology and Ground Fissures of the Shanxi (Fen-wei) Rift System, China
6. The early Precambrian Geology of Wutai-Hengshan MT., Shanxi, China
7. The Evolution of Precambrian Tectonic in Songshan Region, Henan
8. Holocene Active Fault Zone and Earthquake (M=8.6) Ruins in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
9. Seismogeology and Quaternary Geology along Northern Margin of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau

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