A Catalog of Mosquito of the Yunnan


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Author: Xueshu Dong
Language: Chinese,Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787558722981
Published on: 2019-12
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Yunnan is one of the biodiversity areas in the world because of its special geographical location and complex and diverse natural ecological environment. Therefore, Yunnan is also a rich resource area for mosquito genus and species in the world

After several generations continuous investigation and research for decades. As of October 2017, we found totally Anopheles, Culex and Toxorhynchitinae 3 subfamilies. 22 genus, 42 subgenus, 305 species in Yunnan, including Sub family Anophelinae: 1 genus, 2 subgenus, and 51 species; Subfamily Culicine: 21 genus, 40 subgenus, and 246 species; Toxorhynchites: 1 genus and 8 species; From 1980 to October 2017. we found 55 new species. 29 new Chinese records and the other 107 species, and we found Genus Ayurakitia, and Genus Kimia, Genus Udaya only in Yunnan.

Through long term system study on the Ecological Biology and Epidemiology to these species of mosquitoes, the vectors of malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever and chikungunya fever are determined as Genus Anopheles, Genus Culex, Genus Aedes, Genus Armigeres, Genus Mansonia etc 5 Genus 24 species. At the same time. the biological characteristics of geographical distribution, Population, seasonal fluctuation, larval breeding habits and adult mosquitoes hemophilic habits also have been systematically observed and studied. As results, a large number of technical data from these studies are promoting scientific research teaching and disease control, and gaining good social and economic benefits.

0.4The above mosquito genus and species and their related ecological habits can’t fully represent the obiective reality of Yunnan mosquitoes. Therefore, it is necessary to further expand the depth and breadth of the investigation to maximize the exploitation of Yunnan mosquito resources for scientific research, teaching and disease control. This is Yunnan mosquito vector worker orious task in new time.  

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