A Field Guide to the Birds of Qinling Mountains


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Author: Yu Xiaoping , LiJingang.
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030348401
Published on: 2012-01

The qinling birds field exercitation manual "introduces the geographical divisions, birds Chinese animal groups and ecological geographic endemic to the basis of composition, this paper summarized the qinling mountain area of natural geography and biodiversity characteristics, this paper briefly introduces the qinling mountain area of the research history of birds. Based on this record the qinling mountain area 18 orders birds 55 families, 206 genera and 473 species, which account for 35.5% of the total number of birds in China. Which country Ⅰ level key protection type 9 species, which account for 1.91% of the total number of birds of shaanxi province. National Ⅱ level protected birds, 51, accounting for 10.81% of the total number of birds of shaanxi province. Qinling mountain area has the Chinese characteristic birds kind of 32 species, which account for the specific birds kind of 30.5% of the total. And the national key protection type (83) and common species (221) the morphological characteristics, ecological habits and distribution are briefly introduced, and is equipped with beautiful photograph of more than 300.

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