A General history of Earthquake Studies in China

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Author: Tang Xiren
Language: English
Published on: 1999-01

The book is a monograph which comprehensively presents a general history of earthquake studies in China. The author depicts in greater detail how the Chinese people had conducted earthquake studies and their cognitional process about earthquakes for the past three thousand years and more. There are eight chapters in the book. The author, based upon the rich histoical data from 1177 B.C. to 1976 A.D., laid particular emphasis on the descriptions of the long and systematic earthquake records, Zhang Heng Seismoscope, macroscopic seismic precusors(Such as earth-sound, earth-flash, foreshocks, anomalous changes of groundwater, unusaul climate and abnormal behaviors of animals) , damages caused by strong earthquakes and the success and experience obtained by the Chinese people in the protection against earthquake hazards. The book with a higher scientific level and full of valuable and abundant historical data is certainly benefical to the readers engaged in seismology earthquake engineering, geology, geophysics and history of natural science, as well as social science.

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