A Guide to Major Sci-Tech Institutions of China(3-Vol. set)

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Author: Zhang Zhihua
Language: English
Published on: 1995-01

Serve as the first multi-volume reference book with texts and illustrations introducing the Chinese scientific organizations in a fairly comprehensive and systematic manner, the present guide collects the major academies and institutes engaged in scientific research and applied development bases and research-oriented enterprises, while showing outstanding ones in the rapidly developing sci-tech fields since the founding of the country, particularly since the beginning of reform and opening to the outside world. It aims at showing various circles both at home and abroad (including those foreign ones of science and technology, industries, their diplomatic and consular missions as well as nongovernmental organizations in China, all the relevant UN organizations, various foreign intelligent and consultant agencies and libraries) the Chinese sci-tech industries in China, for the purposes of seeking and guiding the exchanges and cooperations with the above-mentioned academies and institutes at multiple levels, through various channels, and in different forms, so as to facilitate the simultaneous development of sci-tech introducing and export, and promote the transformation of sci-tech achievements into real productivity.

The present book consists of three categories of organizations: those subordinate to professional departments, those of the specialized sci-tech systems, and those under the local governments. A total of over 1,000 Chinese academies and research institutes are included, of which more than 680 are dealt with detailed texts (both in Chinese and English) and photographs. Their contact address, research field, achievements and production, professional persons, research facilities etc. are introduced. Since all the manuscripts of the book have been recommended and approved by the authorities of relevant departments, specialized sci-tech systems and local organizations, it may be rated as a full and accurate reference book introducing and exhibiting the present strength of China in science and technology.

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