Acritarch Study in China


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Author: Yin Leiming
Language: Chinese, English summary and Latin names index
ISBN/ISSN: 7030169387
Published on: 2006-01

Organic-welled microfossil have been studied in china as long as nearly half century. More than hundreds publications concerning with acritarchs from Archena to Cenozoic strata recorded the evolutive history of microphytoplankton, as the fundamental chain of oceanic nutrition. To study acritarchs in more detail ad in-depth is not only necessary of biostratigraphy, especially for Precambrian and Paleozoic, but also provides significant information for searching origin and evolution of life in early geological time of Earth and for reconstruction of old-age marine ecological system.

Sedimentary rocks of nearly whole geological time from Archean to Cenozoic outcrop wide-spread in China. Abundant and well-preserved microplanktonic fossils have been found from rocks of different geological ages. Of which the terminal Precambrian Doushantuo microbiota of South China is much famous in the world ad many Proterozoic and early Paleozoic acritarch assemblages have became the attentive focuses or common cited data in international.

In the early days, acritarch study in China was mainly on Precambrian biosratigraphy and they are taken as the important fossil evidences from shale where are normally absence of stromatolites. The representative acritarchs and acritarch assemblages of different geological ages in China ……

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