Acta Entomologica Sinica(Vol.4,No.1-4)


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Author: Entomological Society of China
Language: Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN:04546296
Published on: 1954-01


1. Preliminary observations on Flight Behavior of the Asiatic Migratory Locust (Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen) in its Solitary Phase
2. Preliminary Observations on the Rice Stem Borer (Chilo Simplex Bulter) in Kiangsi
3. Classification of Chinese Dragonflies of the Family Gomphidae (Odonata). Part II.
4. Notes on Chinese Halticinae of the Genus Luperomorpha Weise
5. Preliminary Report on the Control of Cottony Cushion Scale, Icerya purchasi Maskell, with E605


1. Studies on the Morphological Differences of th eAdults of Chinese Culex pipiens var. pallens and Culex fatigans
2. Studies of the Wheat-Blossom Midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana (Gehin ) I.
3. A Study on the Wheat Wireworm, Pleonomus canaliculatus Faldermann, in Honan
4. Studies on Parnara guttata Brem. In Kiangsi
5. Notes on the Chinese and Tonkinese species of the Halticine Genus Hespere Weise
6. A new Coccid Attacking Citrus in Szechuan
7. A Brief Mesquito Survey in Hainan Island and the Leichow Peninsula, Kwangtung Province


1. Field Studies on the Population Fluctuations of Cotton Aphids
2. Classification of Chinese Dragonflies of the Family Gomphidae (Odonata), III
3. Notes on Bleasoxipha lineata Fall., A Dipterous Parasite of Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen
4. Notes on the Chinese Species of Genus Phlebotomus. Part VII. Two new species of Sandflies, Phlebotomus suni and Phlebotomus fupingensis from Shensi Province
5. The Hibernation of Anopheles hyrcanus var. sinensis in Peking-A Preliminary Report
6. Notes on Chinese Trypetid Flies I.
7. Preliminary Report on Hibernation of Rice Borer Larvae in Zizania and their Treatment


1. Preliminary Studies on the form of Populatio Distribution of the rice stem borer, Schoenobius incertellus Walker, and its significance in Practice
2. Preliminary study on the rice stem borer, Chilo simplex Bulter
3. Study on the Locust egg, I. Morphological Changes of the Embryo During egg Incubation, with Special Reference to the Developmental stages of the eggs collected from the field (Acridiidae: Orthoptera)
4. Classification of Chinese Dragonflies of the Family Gomphidae (Odonata), IV.
5. Notes in the Chinese Species of the Genus Phlebotomus. Part VIII. Sandflies in the Vicinity of Nanking with Description of a new species, Phlebotomus nankingensis
6. The Breeding and Seasonal Distribution of Mosquitoes in Shanghai District
7. Experiments on Control of Schnoebius incertellus with 666

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