Acta Entomologica Sinica(Vol.7,No.1-4)


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Author: Entomological Society of China
Language: Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN:04546296
Published on: 1957-01


1. The skeleto-muscular system of the Asiatic migratory locust, Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen (I. the head)
2. The control of soil insects with "BHC poison grain"
3. Preliminary studies on tobacco leaf-miner, Gnorimoschema operculella (Zeller)
4. Records of ichneumon-flies from Fukien Province, with description of a new species (Hym., Ichneumonidae)
5. Tunga callida sp. Nov., a new species of sandflea from Yunnan
6. A new species of flea, Echidnophaga ochotona sp. Nov
7. Studies on the Chinese gall-nuts of Meitan, Kweichow
8. A preliminary report on the mosquitoes of Lo-tien district, Kweichow Province


1. Food specialization and food utilization of the oriental migratory locust and the influence of different food plant on its growth and fecundity
2. Preliminary studies on the life history and the control of the woolly aphis (Eriosoma lanigerum Hausmann) in Tsingtao district
3. Studies on the life history of Tabanus griseus Krober (Tabanidae, Diptera)
4. Notes on three kinds of tea mites
5. Preliminary report on the chigger mites collected from house rats in Tsinan
6. A preliminary record on the tree-hole species of mosquitoes of Changsha, Hunan
7. A description of the female of Neopsylla fukienensis Chao, 1947 (Siphonaptera)
8. A preliminary report on the mosquitoes of Chungking


1. Preliminary study on the life history of the larch caterpillar Dendrolimus sibiricus Tschetw. (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae)
2. A preliminary biological study of two egg-parasites of the pine caterpillar
3. The control of the white grubs and wireworms by soil treatment
4. On Chinese muscoid flies of the genus Calliphora R.-D. (
5. A preliminary study of the emergence, oviposition and hatching of the paddy borer with observation on the proper time for chemical control in the field
6. A study of the life history of the bischofia zygaenid-moth histia rhodope nigrinus Jordan
7. A new name, Ceratophyllus chaoi, for a species of flea infesting swallow in Fukien, with notes and additional descriptions
8. Study on the behaviour of Trombicula deliensis and the method of their eradication


1. Descriptions of Chinese caddis flies (Trichoptera)
2. Notes on third stage larvae of synanthropic flies in Shanghai district
3. Tessaratominae of China
4. Studies on Tsutsugamushi pt. IX. A preliminary study on chiggers infesting chicken in China (Acariformes. Trombiculidae)
5. Taxonomic notes on the codling moth, Carpocapsa pomonella L. in Sinkiang
6. The outdoor nocturnal biting activity of Anopheles hyrcanus var. sinensis in relation to the factors of temperature, humidity, light and rain
7. Preliminary observation on the effect of DDT indoor treatment on Anopheles hyrcanus var. sincnsis and Anopheles jeyporiensis var. candidiensis
8. Observations on the biology of the grape Phylloxera in Chefoo
9. A new flea of the ree squirrel
10. Further studies on the hibernaticn of mosquitoes in Changsha, Hunan
11. A report on th esandflies newly found in Shanghai

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