Acta Entomologica Sinica(Vol.9,No.1-6)


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Author: Entomological Society of China
Language: Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN:04546296
Published on: 1959-01


1. On the anatomy and histology of the reproductive system of the oriental migratory locust, Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen (Acrididae, Orthoptera)
2. A preliminary test on HCN fumigation for the control of several citrus scales and two citrus mites
3. The embryonic development of Dolerus tritici Chu
4. Studies on vectors of Japanese B Encephalitis virus in Peking II. Studies on the blood feeding habits of common species of mosquitoes in Peking
5. A preliminary mosquito survey in Chinping, Kweichow Province
6. Study on morphological and biological differences between two types of Trombicula deliensis walch
7. A preliminary report on the study of the hibernation of Anopheles hyrcanus var. sinensis in Chia-Hsing, Chekiang
8. A report on the species and ecology of mosquitoes in Chengtu, Szechwan, China
9. Larvae of Psychoda urinated out from a male child patient in Shenyang
10. Preliminary report on a sandfly survey in Shian-Yang district of Hupeh Province
11. A preliminary report on the mosquitoes of eight districts of Hupeh province


1. Preliminary studies on the relations between flooding and locust outbreaks in the Hwai valley and their bearing on control
2. Studies on the orange wheat blossom midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana Gehin.II. The larval life in the ears of wheat
3. Preliminary study on the wheat mite, Penthaleus sp. In Yahan, Szechwan
4. Studies on Parnara guttata bremer et Grey. I. Testing the number of generations of Parnara guttata G. by the method of "Thermal sums"
5. Two new species of Trombiculid mites (Acarina, Trombiculidae) from Kwangtung
6. Study on the forms of Anopheles minimus Theobald, 1901
7. Four species of the genus Culicoides (Diptera, Heleidae) from Haina Island, south China
8. Studies on Tsutsugamushi part 20. Morphology of the nymph and adult of chigger mite, Neosehongastia gallinarum Hatori, 1920 (Acariformes, Trombiculidae)
9. The blood preference of some Culicine mosquitoes in rural areas of Nanking
10. A mosquito survey in some parts of Hupei Province
11. Preliminary observation on the hibernation of Culex pipiens pallens in Tsinan
12. On three species of mosquitoes newly discovered in Northeast China
13. Observations on the hibernation of the common mosquitoes in Szechuna
14. A preliminary report on the mosquitoes of Fu-chou, Kiangsi


1. A preliminary study on the utilization of the fungus, Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. To control the soy-bean pod borer 9Grapholitha glycinivorella Mats.)
2. Paper chromatography in insect taxonomy
3. Studies on the Bagworm, Chalia larminati Heylearts of Aleurites spp.
4. Results of the Zoologico-botanical expedition of Academia sinica and academy of Sciences USSR to Southwest China 1955-1957 (Coleoptera, Languriidae)
5. The species of skippers feeding on cereal crops in Kwongtung
6. Three new species of chigger mites (Acarina, Trombiculidae) from China
7. A preliminary report on the synanthropic calypterate flies of north-eastern China
8. A new bat-flea from Fukien
9. Notes on some species of mosquitoes collected in the northeastern part of China with reference to distributions


1. Studies on the locust egg IV. The survival and embryonic development of the locust egg under water
2. Preliminary study on the life history of the oil pine Caterpillar (Dendrolimus spectabilis Butl.) in Shantung province
3. Effectiveness of insecticidal dusts for the control of Chinese army worm (Pseudaletia separata (Walker))
4. Preliminary observations on the life history and habits of Lebeda nabilis Walker a pest on Camellia oleose in Hunan
5. The breeding habits of the common flies in Shanghai district
6. New genera and species of Chinese Languriidae
7. Notes on Chinese cucumber beetles of the genus Aulacophora Chevrolat
8. On the subgenus Ochrops (Gen.Tabanus, Tabanidae, Diptera) from China
9. A preliminary report on the mosquitoes of Lushan, Kiangsi Province


1. A guide for distinguishing the pupae of the important lepidopterous pests
2. Studies on the predication of the outbreak of the paddy borer, Schoenobius incertellus Wlk., with the effective thermal summation I. The mininum temperatures of development and effective thermal summations
3. The conclusion of ht estudy on the pine-caterpillar Dendrolimus punctatus Wk. In Lientong, 1955-1956
4. Studies on the life history of chigger mites (Acariformes, Trombiculidae) (Studies on Tsutsugamushi, Part XXII)
5. On the problems of the acquisition of wings and "Dipteryzation"
6. Studies on the reproduction of the oriental migratory locust: The physiological effects of castration and copulation
7. Forecasting of the swarming of the yellow-thorax termite, Reticulitermes flaviceps Oshima, In hangchow
8. Survey on Mosquitoes in Tsinan
9. The presence of Phlebotomus chinensis Newstead (1916) in Kweiyang


1. A study on Anomala corpulenta Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Rutelidae)
2. A field study on the egg-laying of the cotton pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) and its applications to control
3. Preliminary observations on the activity of Eupolyphaga sinensis Walker
4. A study on the corn borers
5. A study on the euonymus geometer, abraxas Miranda (Butler) (Lepidoptera, Geometridae)
6. The discovery of Peromyscopsylla himalaica (Roths.1915) from China, with a comparison of its three subspecies
7. Report on the survey of flies in Foochow area
8. Discovery of Trombicula (Leptotrombidium) akumushi var. deliensis (Walch, 1923) in Chekiang province

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