Advanced Lectures in Mathematics (ALM 8): Recent Developments in Algebra and Related Areas


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Author: Chongying Dong
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7040254785
Published on: 2009-01

This volume contains 15 articles presented at the International Conference on Algebra and Related Areas held in Tsinghua University, Beijing, August 2007. Some of them are survey articles and some are research papers on algebraic geometry, combinatorics, coding theory, Lie algebras, representation theory of finite groups and algebraic groups, vertex operator algebras and their applications.

Eiichi Bannai and Etsuko Bannai: Spherical Designs and Euclidean Designs
Yu Chen: Minimal Representation Degree of Affine Kac-Moody Groups
Huah Chu, Shou-Jen Hu and Ming-chang Kang: A Rationality Problem of Certain A4 Action
Zongduo Dai, Kunpeng Wang and Dingfeng Ye: Characterization of Multi-Continued Fractions for Multi-Formal Laurent Series
Yi Fang and Zongzhu Lin: Eulerian Trails and Hamiltonian Paths in Digraphs with Anti-involutions
Rongquan Feng and Hongfeng Wu: Efficient Pairing Computation on Curves
Wenbin Guo: Some Ideas and Results in Group Theory
Tayuan Huang, Lingling Huang and Miaow-Ing Lin: On a Class of Strongly Regular Designs and Quasi-semisymmetric Designs
Huishi Li: F-Leading Homogeneous Algebras and Gr5bner Bases
Jianbo Liu and Kaiming Zhao: Automorphism Groups of Lie Algebras from Quantum Tori
Yueai Su: Quasifinite Representations of Some Lie Algebras Related to the Virasoro Algebra
George Szeto and Lianyong Xue: On Galois Extensions with an Inner Galois Group ..
Nanhua Xi: Representations of Algebraic Groups: Some Basics and Progresses
Jiping Zhang and Zhikai Zhang: Broue's Conjecture for Finite Groups with Abelian Sylow p-Subgroups
Sujing Zhou .and Dongdai Lin: An Interesting Member ID-based Group Signature
Curriculum Vitae and Publications of Zhexian Wan

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