Advanced Multivariable Control Systems of Aeroengines


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Author: Sun Jianguo
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787810775908
Published on: 2005-10
Soft Cover

《Advanced Multivariable Control Systems of Aeroengines》,In this book the methodology and concept of designing multivariable control systems for aeroengines are presented which include: general development tendencies in aeroengines and aeroengine control systems; modeling of aeroengines; design of various control laws for aeroengines; design of fault tolelant control systems for aeroengines and design of integrated flight/propulsion control systems.
This book is useful to practicing engineers and designers of aeroengine control systems and aeroengines as a reference book and as an updated to their engineering education. This book should prove useful also for PhD and MSc candidates of disciplines of aeroengine control systems and aeroengines for their graduate courses.

Chapter 1 State of the Art and Problems of the Development of Aeroengines and Their Control Systems
1.1 System Approach to the Development of Complex Technical Systems
1.2 Tendencies of the Aeroengine Development
1.3 Tendencies of the Development of Production and Technolo gical Systems
1.4 Tendencies of the Aeroengine Control System Development
1.5 System Conception of Designing Aeroengine Control Systems

Chapter 2 Modeling of Aeroengines
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Component Level Model
2.2.1 Inlet
2.2.2 Fan
2.2.3 Compressor
2.2.4 Engine Bleeds
2.2.5 Turbines
2.2.6 Main Combustor
2.2.7 Augmentor
2.2.8 Bypass Duct
2.2.9 Exhaust Nozzle
2.2.10 Engine Dynamics78
2.2.11 Remarks83
2.3 State Variable Mode
2.3.1 Partial Derivative Method
2.3.2 Fitting Metbod
2.3.3 Remarks
2.3.4 Simulation Results
2.4 Adaptive Model
2.4.1 Adaptive Model Estimating Unmeasured Outputs
2.4.2 Component Tracking Filter
2.5 Intelligent Model
2.5.1 Modeling by Neural Network
2.5.2 Modeling with Genetic Algorithm
2.6 Estimator of Aeroengine Performance Parameters
2.6.1 Introduction
2.6.2 Model Based Control
2.6.3 Estimator Based Control

Chapter 3 Adaptive Control Systems of Aeroengines
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The Main Types of Adaptive Systems
3.3 The Structure of Multivariable MRAC Systems
3.3.1 Design of Generalized Tuned Plant
3.3.2 Self Tuning Algorithms
3.4 Linearized Model of Multivariable MRAC Systems
3.5 Design of Multivariable MRAC Systems
3.5.1 Design of the Coupled Correcting Device
3.5.2 Design of Non Coupled Correcting Device
3.6 Non Linear Correction of Self Tuning Algorithms
3.7 Structural Features of Multivariable MRAC Systems for Aeroengines
3.8 Design of Linearized Model of Multivariable MRAC Systems in the State Space

Chapter 4 Extremal Control System of Turbo Prop Fan Engines
Chapter 5 Intelligent Control Systems of Aeroengines
Chapter 6 Multivariable Robust Control Systems of Aeroengines
Chapter 7 Fault Tolerant Digital Control Systems of Aeroengines
Chapter 8 Integrated Flight/Propulsion Control System

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