Advances and Challenges in Investigation and Application of Entompathogenic Fungi - Special Issue of Mycosystema (2012, 03, Vol.31)

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Author: Wang Cheng-Shu
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN: 16726472
Published on: 2012-01
Soft Cover

This issue contains following papers:

1.Advances and challenges in investigation and application of entompathogenic fungi—Preface to the 2012 special issue on entomopathogenic fungi
2.Entomopathogenic fungal parasites of scale insects and their potential in biological control ´╝łEnglish)
3.Zoophthora radicans infecting larvae of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis and its epizootic
4.Screening of high virulent strain of Metarhizium spp. against the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens
5.Culture characteristics, pathogenicity, and genetic variation of Isaria cateniannulata isolates (English)
6.Cloning and expression analysis of an hydrophobin gene Nrhyd in Nomuraea rileyi
7.Cloning and characterization of a cyanide hydratase gene from Metarhizium acridum
8.Development and application of a specific SCAR marker for detection of a released Metarhizium acridum strain M189 in the field
9.Analysis and comparison of volatile components of mycelia of Paecilomyces gunnii and Paecilomyces hepiali
10.Screening of high-yeild strain and medium optimization for maximum production of cordycepin by Cordyeps militaris
11.Screening of high-yeild strain and medium optimization for maximum production of cordycepin by Cordyeps militaris
12.Effects of additives and different culture conditions on cordycepin production by the medicinal fungus Cordyceps militaris
13.Kinetic study of liquid fermentation for Metarhizium anisopliae IMI330189
14.Analysis of adenosines in anamorphic mycelia of several species of Cordyceps
15.Optimization of liquid culture conditions and extraction process of ergosterols from Paecilomyces gunnii
16.Optimization of the key factors for processing the granule formulation of Metarhizium anisopliae
17.Therapeutic effects of Cordyceps guangdongensis on chronic renal failure rats induced by adenine (English)
18.Comparison and optimization of the methods for analyzing the water soluble polysaccharides in Cordyceps militaris
19.Beauveria bassiana isolated from pine sawfly and its pathogenicity (English)

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