Advances in Environmental Vibration - Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Vibration


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Author: Zhai Wanming
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030323736
Published on: 2011-10
Soft Cover

The  Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Vibration (ISEV2011) was held in Xi'An,China, in October, 2011, hosted by Southwest Jiaotong University.  There are 176 researchers from 15 countries attended the conference.   This symposium is devoted to prediction, control and mitigation of the environmental vibrations caused by train/road traffic, construction activities, factory operations and other excitations. 
The proceedings collects more than 120 papers.

Part Ⅰ Fundamental Theory and Method
Experimental Soil Parameters by Different Evaluation Methods for Impulsive,Train and Ambient Excitation
Elastodynamic Inversion of Multilayered Media via Surface Waves
Experimental Study on the Deformation and Strength of Silt Soil under Cyclic Loading
The Influence of Source-receiver Interaction on the Numerical Prediction of Traffic Induced Vibrations
Settlement and Pore-water Pressure Induced in a Senu-Mnite Transversely Isotropic
Saturated by Fast Moving Traffic Loading
A Semi-analysis Solution for the Vibration of Raft-superstructure on the Saturated Soil under Moving Load
Fundamental Solution of Ground Vibration Based on Thin-Iayer Stiffness Matrix Method
A Mechanism of Local Amplifying Zone in Attenuation of Ground Vibration Caused by Rail Traffic in Urban Area
Model Test of Impact Wave-form about Environmental Ground Vibration Caused by Train Running
Experiment VerCication of 3D Dynamic FEM Model Used for Analyzing Vibration Impact on Nearby Underground Structures
Prediction of Low Frequency Ground Vibrations from Underground Tracks in Laboratory
Inversion of Vibration Load on the Pier of Viaduct for Chongqing Rail Transit System
Biodynamic Responses of Seated Human Exposed to Vertical Vibrations in Running High-speed Rail Vehicle
A Study on the Time Domain Methods of Dynamic Loads Identification
Part Ⅱ Ground Vibration Induced by Traffic
Effects of Soil Profile and Characteristic of Exciting Force on Propagation of Ground
Part Ⅲ Vibration of Building Structures
Part Ⅳ Bridge Vibration and Related Problems
Part Ⅴ Dynamics of Train,Track and Subgrade

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