Advances in Helminth Resaerch in China

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Language: Chinese and English bilingual
2012-12;  Soft Cover

This book contains following research papers in English or Chinese with English abstract, which published in related journals in recent years:
1.Advances in the Study of Helminth Mitochondrial Genomes and Their Associated Applications (English)
2.Nationwide Survey Of The Distribution Of Parasites In China The Characteristics And Rules Of Geo Graphic Distribution Of Human Helminth Infection (English)
3.Helminth infections and intestinal inflammation( 8 pages ) (English)
4.Primary Investigation on Parasitic Helminth Species and Infection Status in Shenmu County
5.Epidemiological Investigation Of Sheep Helminth Infections And Comparative Anthelmintic Studies In Wushen Area
6.Investigation on Helminth Eggs in Feces of Tibetan Antelope,Wild Yak,Tibetan Wild Ass and Tibetan Gazelle
7.A Survey Of Helminth Fauna Of Dogs Along Tangwang River Valley In Heilongjiang Province China
8.Analysis of the same kinds of protein components and antigenicity of Ascaris suum(As) and ordinary worms
9.Application of molecular techniques in detection and quantification of helminthic infection in mollusc host (English)
10.Progress in Anthelmintic Agent Study since the Founding of the People′s Republic of China and Current Challenges
11.Fauna investigation of parasitic helminthes of cattle in Qiqihar Prefecture
12.The investigation on the infection of human intestinal helminths in Lianyungang City
14.Endohelminths and Their Community Characteristics in Fish of the Lhasa River in Tibet of China
15.Studies on community ecology of helminthes parasitic in Mugil cephalus in Guangdong Province,China
16.Seasonal dynamics of the cercarial and metacercarial stages of the microphallid trematode Maritrema eroliae (Digenea:Microphallidae) (English)
17.Efficacy of praziquantel against Centrocestus formosanus metacercariae infections in common carp(Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus)(English)
18.Molecular Biology Study And Immunolocalization Of A Rna Polymerase‚Ö° Elongation Factor Gene From Clonorchis Sinensis(English)
19.Scanning Electron Microscopical Observation On Adult Neobenedenia Melleni(Monogenea,Capsalidae)(English)
20.Monogenea Of Chinese Marine Fishes A New Species Of Monaxinoides From Fishes Of The South China Sea (Mazocraeidea, Monaxinoididae)(English)
21. A New Species Of Carassotrema Park, 1938 (Digenea: Waretrematidae)( English)
22. Molecular Expression Of A Clonorchis Sinensis Cysteine Proteinase And Its Application In Elisa For Clonorchiasis Diagnosis (English)
23. Cloning, Expression And Purification Of A Novel Gene Of Mgst From Clonorchis Sinensis (English)
24. Description Of A New Species Of The Genus Pseudorhabdosynochus (Monogenea, Diplectanidae) From Lates Calcarifer (English)
25. Monogenoidea Of Marine Fishes From Hainan Island, China And Two New Species Of Euryhaliotrema(English)
26. A Nnew form of hepatica henryi(oliv.) Steward (English)
27. Cloning, Expression And Immunogenicity Analysis Of Cathepsin L-Like Protease Of Fasciola Hepatica (English)


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