Advances in Hydraulic Physical Modeling and Field Investigat Technology


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Author: Li Yan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787508485546
Published on: 2011-09
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  This book was the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Hydraulic Physical Modeling and Field Investigation, which was opened on September 13 -15, 2010, in Nan- jing. There were 4 topics included in the research field: New Technology of Physical Modeling of River, Coastal and Environmental Flows, Advancement in Field Investigation for Hydro and Environmental Engineering, Development of Instruments and Facilities for Hydraulic and Eco- hydraulic Measurement, Hybrid Model Approach and Combination of Physical Approaches with Numerical Simulation.
This book covered 114 papers, which were the newest research results in the world. It can be referenced by students, engineers and researchers. 

Topic 1 New Technology of Physical Modeling of River, Coastal and Environmental Flows
Experimental Study of Flood Discharge through a High Arch Dam
Design of Data Transmission Networks Based on CAN Bus for Physical Model Control System
Role of Physical Models in River Development and Protection
Design and Application of the Automatic Instrumentation for Dispatching Used in Hydraulic
Model Test of Cascade Hydropower Stations
A New Arithmetic of Ship Motion by Draw-wire Length
Calibration Test of Doppler Ultrasonic Flow-meter
Sonic Characterisation of Water Surface Waves
Study on the Digital Camera Measuring System based on Digital Camera and PTV Technology
Remote Water Level Measurement System Based on Ultrasonic Ranging and Wireless Data
Transmission Technology
Design of Multi-point Concentration Measurement System in the Model Test of Low Level
Radioactive Cooling Water Released from Nuclear Power Plants
Ultrasonic Devices Designed for Concentration Measurements in Reservoirs
Development of Swirl Meter for Sewage Pumping Station Model of the Harbour Area Treatment
Scheme in Hong Kong (Stage 2A)

Topic 2 Advancement in Field Investigation for Hydro-Environmental Engineering
The Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme for Urban Flood Control: Model Study and Field Performance
Research on Eco-Hydro-Morphological River Processes by Combining Field Investigations, Physical
Modeling and Numerical Simulations
Comparison of Model Test and Prototype Observation on Flood Controlling of Town Housing
Analysis on the Free Vibration Characteristics of Gate Rubber Seal Considering Fluid-solid Coupling
Numerical Study on the Siltation in Harbor Area of the Hongqili Waterway, Pearl River Delta
Physical Model Testing and Validation of Long-Throated Flumes
Air Concentration Distribution at Lower Nappe of a Spillway Aerator
Determination of Discharge Coefficient for Oblique Side Weirs Using the Partial Least Square Method
Long-Term Scheduling of Large-Scale Hydropower Systems for Energy Maximization
Experimental Study and Numerical Verification of 3D Thermal Stratified Wake Flow
Hybrid Hydraulic Modeling Approach in the Process of Hydropower Plant Design
Swimming Behavior of Isolated Ayu, Plecoglossus Altivelis Altivelis, in Running Water
Overbank Flow Estimation using ANFIS and Genetic Programming
Transmission Coefficient of Wave Permeable Breakwater
Mechanism of Sediment Transport in Uni-directional, Bi-Directional Flows
Coupling Physical and Numerical Models: Example of the Taoussa Project (Mali)
Topic 3 Development of instruments and facilities for hydraulic and eco-hydraulic measurement
Topic 4 Hybrid model approach and combinatin of physical approaches with numerical simulation
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