Advances in Mathematical Seismology

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Author: Junji Koyama (Japan) and Feng Deyi (China
Language: English
Published on: 1999-01

The Purpose of the book is to introduce the recent develpments on mathematical seismology made by Chinese and Japanese investigators in the last decade. It covers the basic concepts and metheds of fractal, statistical, and experimental views of earthquake phenomenona as complexe systems. These research subjects are no doubt the urgent topics not only in seismological but also biological, physical and technological fields.

Chapter 1 Fractal Geometry and Geosciences;
Chapter 2.Advance in Fuzzy Seismology;
Chapter 3.Advances in Statistical Seismology;
Chapter 4.The complex faulting process of earthquakes;
Chapter 5.Dynamics of microfracture processes in the breakdown zone;
Chapter 6.Dynamical modeling of earthquake occurrence;
Chapter 7. Stochastic modeling of complex earthquake activity;
Chapter 8. Strain diffusion: A mechanism of the migration of earthquake activity;


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