Advances Of Alcohol Fuels In The World -Proceedings of XII International Symposium on Alcohol Fules (Beijng, September, 1998)

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Author: Zhu Qiming
Language: English
Published on: 1998-01

Since the first International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels ISAF held in Sweden in 1976 and the successive ISAFs held in 1977 (Germany), 1979 (US), 1980(Brazil), 1982 (New Zealand), 1984 (Canada), 1986 (France), 1988 (Japan), 1991 (Italy), 1993 (US) and 1996 (South Africa), the 12th ISAF is held in Beijing, China. Since international oil price has been dropping continuously and the quality of reformulated gasoline and diesel fuel has been improving, the interest in alcohol fuels is decreasing somewhat in recent years. However, the application of MTBE and ETBE oxygenated fuels has become popular in some countries and DME also has attracted more and more and more attentions as the substitute for diesel fuel. Methanol is especially important to those countries such as China, which are abundant in coal deposit but rare in petroleum. The technology of recycling of CO2 in the coal derived-methanol production plant has been developed which will largely reduce the emission of CO2 during production and will be beneficial to the prevention of global warming. Special attention is being paid to methanol, which can be easily transported as the energy carrier for the fuel cell during the development of electric vehicle. All of these manifest the great vitality of alcohol fuels at present and in the future.

Section A: Synthesis of alcohol & other oxygenated fuels (19 papers);
Section B: Application of alcohol fuels. (21 papers);
Section C: Environmental aspects of production and application of alcohol fuels (10 papers);
Section D: Economic evaluation and policies (6 papers);
Section E: Perspective and others (6 papers)

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