Aged and Celebrated Trees in Jingdezhen


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Author: Wu Guanghui
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 2001-01

According to the investigation on paleo and famous trees carried by the forestry departments of our city and its preliminary statistics, there are over 6300 paleo and famous trees in our city, including 25 families, 36 genus and 42 sorts. Among them the most representative ones are 505 Camphora trees, 104 Taxus mairei trees, 113 Ginkgo biloba trees and 38 Torreya grandis and over 5200 Pinus massoniana.

1.Natural broadleaved forests
2.Natural Quercus variabilis forests
3.Ginkgo biloba
4.Pinus massoniana
5.Pinus thunbergii
6.Pseudolarix kaempferi
7.Cryptomeria japonica
8.Cunninghamia lanceolata
9.Metasequoia glyptostroboides
10.Cupressus funeris
11.Podocarpus macrophyllus
12.Cephalotaxus fortunei
13.Taxus mairei
14.Torreya grandis
15.Magnolia denudata
16.Magnolia grandiflora
17.Cyclobaianopsis gilva
18.Quercus acutissima
19.Quercus fabri
20.Castanophylla sclerophylla
21.Cinnamomum camphora
22.Machilus thunbergii
23.Litsea coreana
24.Cinnamomum cassia
25.Phoebe sheareri
26.Sassafras tsumu
27.Dalbergia hupeana
28.Liriodendrom chiense
29.Sophora japonica
30.Pistacia chinensis
31.Choerosohdias axillaries
32.Qsmanthus fragrans
33.Dendropanax dentiger
34.Liqustrum lucidum
35.Dendrobenthamia japonica
36.Juglans cathayensis
37.Populus adenopoda
38.Emmenopteryi henryi
39.Lagerstroemia indica
40.Liquidambar formosana

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