An Enumeration of Lichens in China


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Author: Wei Jiangchun
Language: English
1991-01; Hardcover; 180x260mm; 278 pages

An Enumeration of the Lichens in China comprises 1766 species including 25 subspecies, 244 varieties, and 233 forms belonging to 232 genera. Among them 54 species with 2 subspecies, 2 varieties and 5 forms are given as new combinations, and 3 species are provided with new names. In the Enumeration an attempt has been made to completely recheck the literature concerning the nomenclature of all taxa in order to bring them in line with the principles of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN). Each taxon listed in the Enumeration has been provided with a correct name, a basionym, synonyms of special Chinese interest, their authors, dates of publication and pages for easy reference, as well as the revised provincial names of the localities of lichens. ALl taxa described on the basis of the material collected from China have been provided with complete citations of references to the original authors, and those of the transferring authors, and type localities. Type specimens which I have examined have been marked with the sign "!" following the herbarium acronym. The genera, the species within each genus, and the infraspecific taxa within each species are aarranged alphabetically for easy usage. The Chinese name of each taxon in both Chinese phonetic alphabet and Chinese characters is placed within parentheses opposite the corresponding Latin name at the right-hand side of the same line

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