An Iconography Of Hemiptera-Heteroptera Eggs in China


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Author: Ren ShuZhi
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7030028309
Published on: 1992-01

This book provides a new basis for the classifacation of Heteroptera through the external morphology and coloration of the eggs, the fine structure of eggshells and egg-bursters. he formation and growth during egg-stage and its biological study have both theoretical and practical value to plant protectio and biological control while providing basic material for entomological research. The book include 236 species in 35 families of Heteroptera eggs with detailed descriptions and with keys of all families,genera or species.
Following families are described in this book: 1. Plataspidae; 2. Cydnidae; 3.Urostylidae; 4.Pentatomidae; 5.Coreidae; 6.Rhopalidae; 7.Alydidae; 8.Stenocephalidae; 9.Berytidae; 10.Colobathristidae; 11.Lygaeidae; 12.Piesmidae; 13.Pyrrhocoridae; 14.Aradidae; 15.Tingidae; 16.Phymatidae; 17.Reduviidae; 18.Nabidae; 19.Cimicidae; 20.Anthocoridae; 21.Miridae; 22.Isometopidae; 23.Dipsocoridae; 24.Schizopteridae; 25.Hydrometridae; 26.Gerridae; 27.Veliidae; 28.Hebridae; 29.Gelastocoridae; 30.Ochteridae; 31.Mesoveliidae; 32.Nepidae; 33.Notonectidae; 34.Belostomatidae 35.Corixidae.

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