An Illustrated Guide to Species in China’s Seas ( In Eight Volumes)

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Author: Huang Zongguo & Lin Mao
Language: Chinese+English Summary,Latin name
Published on: 2012-01

“The Living Species and Their Illustrations in China’s Seas” including two parts is the achievement of the “Chinese Offshore Investigtion and Assessment”. This effort is reflected by 112 contributors form 44 organizations participated,which includes experts form the mainland, Taiwan,Hong Kogn,as well as Britain and Australia. Part 1,entitled “ The Living Species in China’s Seas.”,comprises 2 volumes. reporting more than 28000 species. Part 2, entitled “ An Illustrated Guide to Species in China’s Seas”,comprise 8 volumes, . “The Living Species and Their Illustrations in China’s Seas” is also an expanded continuation of “Marine Species and Their Distributions in China’s Seas”(first published in 1994 ,English version in 2001 ,revised and expanded version in 2008). This compendium embodies comprehensiveness ,as well as scientific rigor and application values.

In “ An Illustrated Guide to Species in China’ Seas”,morphological illustration forms the main description of each species ,but complementary ecological and biological natural history illustrations are also provided for selected species.Both black and white as well as colour diagrams are included ,with the common goal of high practical and aesthetic quality.Apart form a reliance on biochemical (DNA,RNA,allozymes,etc.) traits sa the main approach to classifying and identifying prokaryotic kingdom (thus only a limited number of illustrations for this kingdom),taxa above family in the order four Kingdoms are all illustrated with morphological diagrams . Effort was made to ensure diagrams are available for species-poor ,commercially important,or pest taxa.Colour plates and illustrations showing distinguishing taxonomic featurds are include in the same diagrams for selected species.

A large number of journal articles and other published works from national and international sources have been consulted ,including published volumes of “ Fauna Sinaca” and Flora “Algarum Marinarum Sinicarum”, and specialized treatises.

Chinese and English introductions summarizing the evolutionary position,major morphological features and economic value precede the illustrated guide for every kingdom ,phylum and class,and selected order for all major taxa .Tables display the number of species ,plate and page number for each plate to assist browsing and searchingby the reader .All references cited in the guide are listed to acknowledge the innovation effort of all authors.The 8 volume guide is arranged from the lopw to high taxa according to the five-kingdom classification scheme.Independent plate numbers,page numbers ,scientific name of genus and Chinese names of species are provided in each volume.Colour and black and white diagrams are arranged in mixed order in each volume,Searches for individual species can be made using the index to each volume ,or the plate numbers provided with taxa descriptions in the part 1.Relevant primary literature can be found in the reference list for species identification.

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