An Illustrated Handbook of Quaternary Pollen and Spores in China


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Author: Tang Lingyu, Mao Limi, Shu Junwu
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030505682
Published on: 2017-03

An Illustrated Handbook of Quaternary Pollen and Spores in China
The authors completed collecting and arranging plates of photomicrographs for common pollen and spores in Quaternary strata. Given China's vast territory, complex vegetation types, a variety of plants, and polen grains with similar morphology probably produced by different plant species in different regions. We have organized this book's phtomicrographs of pollen grains and spores in the division of China into five regions, i.e. northwest,northern, southeast, south and southwest China. Photomicrographs o pollen grains and spores in each region are arranged by plnt classification system.i.e. in order of algae, bryophyte, pteridophyte, gymnosperm, and angiosperm. All 409 plates of color photomicrographs for pollen grains and spores are finally illustrated and described.

Chapter  1 Overview of Modern and Quaternary Vegetation in China 

1.1 Northwest region
    1.1.1 Overview of modern vegetation 
    1.1.2 Overview of Quaternary vegetation 
1.2 Northern region 
13 Southeast region
1.4 South region
1.5 Southwest region 

Chapter  2 Main Types of Quaternary pollen and spores and their characteristics in different regions of China 

   2.1 Northwest Region
2.1.1 Types of Quaternary pollen and spores in Northwest China 
 2.1.2 Identificable features of major Quaternary pollen and spores in Northwest China
2.1.3 Descriptions of morphological fetures for major Quaternary spores and pollen in Northwest China 

 2.2 Northern Region

2.3 Southeast region  

2.4 South region

2.5 Southwest region

Chiapter 3 Plates and descriptions of Quaternary pollen and spores in different region of China 

 3.1 Northwest region
3.2 Northern region
3.3 Southeast region
3.4 South region
3.5 Southwest region

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