Anatomical Properties and Colorized Illustrations of Important Commercial Wood Species from Hunan in China


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Author: Fang Wenbing & Wu Yiqiang
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030298478
Published on: 2011-01

This book, published in both Chinese and English, provides the fundamental information about wood indentification, as wel as the wood anatomical properties of 50 impoertant commercial wood species(24 families 38 genera) from Hunan Province. The first chapter introduced materials and methods. Chapter II was about the measurement and calculation of wood stereological characteristics. Chapter III was about indentification and utilization of wood:compiling wood macrostructure and microstructure keys in softwood(5 families 10 genera and 16 species)and hardwood(19 families 28 genera and 34 species). For each tree species, the Latin name, English name, commercial name, trees and distribution, wood macroscope structures, wood microscope structures, wood stereological characteristics, wood specimen, wood machining properties and wood utilization were described in detail, and 308 peeces of exquisite clorized photographs of solid wood and three sections of microscope features were attached. Therefore, the book is well-illustrated, intuitive, clear and convenient for comparison. Stereological characteristics of wood are used in wood identification, which give the new content to wood name indentifation and provide instructive guide for wood industry. Chaper IV gave a detailed overview of wood identifacation, such as purpose, preparations, principles, methods and steps as well as rhe timber classifying rules.
The book can be used as a reference for wood scientists working in domestics and foreign forestry universities, colleges and institutes, forest sciensce reserch institutes, lumber quality testing institutes, commodity inspection bureaus, and lumber examine stations.

Chapter I Manterials and Methods
1 Sample selection and preparation
2 Measurements and calculations
3 Wood anatomical molecule classification standards
Chapter II Measurements and Calculations of Wood Stereological Characteristic
1 Measurement principles
2 Measurement methods
3 Calculation of wood organization ratio
Chapter III Identification and Utilization of Wood
1 Coniferous wood—keys and descriptions by species
2 Broadleaf wood — keys and descriptions by species
Chapter IV Wood Identification and Wood Naming
1 Wood identification
2 Wood naming
Illustration of Colorized Photographs
Appendix I Chinese Name Index of Genus and Species
Appendix II Latin Name Index of Genus and Species

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