Antenna Theory and Microstrip Antennas


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Author: D.G. Fang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030163249
Published on: 2006-01


1. Basic Concepts of Antennas
1) Introduction
2) Radiation Mechanism
3) Two Kinds of Elementary Linear Sources and Huygens’ Planar Element
4) Fundamental Parameters of Antennas
2. Arrays and Array Synthesis
1) Introduction
2) N-Element Linear Array: Uniform Amplitude and Spacing
3) Phased(Scanning) Array, Grating Lobe and Sub array
4) N-Element Linear Array: Uniform Spacing, Nonuniform Amplitude
5) N-Element Linear Array: Uniform Amplitude, Nonuniform Spacing
6) Signal Processing Antenna Array
7) Planar Arrays
8) Array Synthesis Through Genetic Algorithm(GA)
3. Microstrip Patch Antennas
1) Introduction
2) Cavity Model and Transmission Line Model
3) Improvement and Extension to the Cavity Model
4) Design Procedure of a Single Rectangular Microstrip Patch
5) Example of LTCC Microstrip Patch Antenna
4. Spectral Domain Approach and its Application to Microstrip
1) Introduction
2) Basic Concept of Spectral Domain Approach
3) Some Useful Transform Relations
4) Scalarization of Maxwell’s Equations
5) Dyadic Green’s Function(DGF)
6) Mixed Potential Representations
7) Transmission-Line Green’s Functions
8) Introduction to Complex Integration Techniques
9) Full Wave Discrete Image and Full Wave Analysis of Microstrip
10) Asymptotic Integration Techniques and its Applications
5. Effective Methods in Using Commercial Softwares for Antenna
1) Introduction
2) Space Mapping(SM) Technique
3) Extrapolation and Interpolation Methods
4) Using Model From Physical Insight to Create Formula
5) Using Model From the Artificial Neural Network(ANN) to Train
6) Summary
6. Design of Conventional and DBF Microstrip Antenna Array
1) Introduction
2) Feeding Architecture
3) Design of Power Divider and Transmission on the Transformer
4) Design Examples of Microstrip Antenna Arrays
5) Mutual Coupling in Finite Microstrip Antenna Arrays
6) Introduction to a Digital Beamforming Receiving Microstrip Antenna Array
7. High Frequency Methods and Their Applications to Antennas
1) Introduction
2) Geometrical Optics
3) Physical Optics
4) Diffraction by a Conducting Half Plane with Normal Incidence
5) Diffraction by a Conducting Half Plane with Arbitrary Incidence
6) Applications of Geometrical Theory of Diffraction in Antennas
7) Fresnel Diffraction in Three Dimensions
8. Planar Near-Field Measurement and Array Diagnostics
1) Introduction
2) Fundamental Transformations
3) Probe Compensation
4) Integral Equation Approach
5) Array Diagnostics

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