Anthology of Research Papers on Plant Seeds


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Published on: 2012-01
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This anthology contains the following 39 papers published in Chinese journals in recent years. It may be used as research materials in the specific field.

01. Dynamic changes in endogenous hormones in Taxus chinensis var. mairei seed during stratification
02. A comparative researches on seed germination of 15 plant species from alpine meadow
03. A Method for Rapid Salt-extraction of High-quality Genomic DNA from Plant Seeds
04. Application of ESI-MS combined with ~1H NMR in analyzing seed phospolipids of six species of Michelia
05. Cuticular Diversity of the Seed Outer Envelope in Ephedra (Ephedraceae) with A Discussion on Its Systematic Significance
06. Preliminary Study on the Mutagenic Effects of Space Flight on Alfalfa Seeds
07. Study on Germination Rate of Uncaria rhynchophylla (Miq.) Jacks
08. Fire temperature and residence time during dry season burning in a Sudanian savanna-woodland of West Africa with implication for seed germination
09. Seeds Germination of Cynanchum otophyllum (Asclepiadaceae) Endemic to China
10. Temporal Pattern of Changes in Desiccation Tolerance during Imbibition of Pisum sativum Seeds
11. Effects of aqueous extract of four mosses on seed germination and early seedling growth of two Polygonaceae plants
12. Physiological characteristics changes of Aesculus chinensis seeds during natural dehydration
13. Soil seed bank and aboveground vegetation in Jinshajing Hot-Dry River Valley Hillslope vegetation restoration site
14. Factors Affecting Tree Seed Storage
15. Ex Situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources through Seed-Gene Bank
16. Seed Hard-coatedness of Medicago ruthenica Grown in Middle and East Part of Inner Mongolia
17. Characterization of the Seed Coat Mucilage Properties of Ephemeral Plant Lepidium perfoliatum Xinjiang
18. Evolution of fruit types and seed dispersal: A phylogenetic and ecological snapshot
19. Beneficial effects of cold-moist stratification on seed germination be- haviors of Abies pindrow and Picea smithiana
20. Studies on Membrane Function and Sugar Components of Ultradried Seeds
21. Heterogeneity in Soil Seed Banks in a Mediterranean Coastal Sand Dune
22. Seed Recalcitrance:a Current Assessment
23. Effects of Low-temperatures on Seed Germination of Leymus chinensis and Pascopyrum smithii.
24. The Effects of ABA Priming on Germination of Matthiola bicornis Seeds
25. Seed Germination of Swertia mussotii,an Important Application in Tibetan Folk Medicine
26. Effects of different seed pretreatments on germination of ten Calligonum species
27. Studies on Triterpenoid Saponins of Seeds of Aesculus chinensis Bunge var. chekiangensis (Hu et Fang) Fang
28. Sustainable Seed Production for Specialty Corns
29. The Characteristics in Seed Germination and Dormancy of Four Wild Species of Tree Peonies and Their Bearing on Endangerment
30. Rapid Determination of Rice Seed Vigor by Ultraweak Chemiluminescence During Early Imbibition
31. Seed Germination and Storage of Woody Species in the Lower Subtropical Forest
32. Branching and growth of plantings in fifth year of a seedling seed orchard of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.)
34. Alterations of Root and Fiber in Transgenic Cotton Plants with Chimeric Ph/P-ipt Gene Expression
35. Comparison of Germination Strategies of Artemisia ordosica with Its Two Congeners from Deserts of China and Israel
36. Seed Shadow of Quercus liaotungensis in a Broad-leaved Forest in Dongling Mountain
37. Seed Anatomy of Acanthosicyos horridus from the Namib Desert
38. Seed and seedling ecology of the endangered Phoebe bournei (Lauraceae)
39. Phenological observations on Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr. in primary seed orchard

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