Approaching Triassic Sea of Guizhou Province in China - The Selected Pictures of Fossils and Karst Landforms

走进中国贵州的三叠纪海洋- 化石和喀斯特地貌精选图册

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Author: Wang Shangyan
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787116052857
2007; Paperback;140×200mm;135 pages with color photos

A Tethys Ocean existed between the Laurasia Continent of northern hemisphere and the Gondwana Continent of southern hemisphere during the Triassic Period, 200 ~ 250 million years ago. China was located within eastern Tethys Ocean. Most areas of Guizhou were then shallow sea, in which preserved large quantity of neritic deposits. The Triassic atrata are thus widespread in Guizhou Province. The Triassic strata of Guizhou are mainly composed of carbonates. These Triassic beds have formed abundant, fantastic and elegant geological relicts, among which Triassic fossils and karst landscapes are the most representative. This picture album selects the essence of the Triassic scenes to enjoy the readers, in order that they may learn the basics of earth sciences in a pleasing way to both the eye and the mind.

Contents of this picture album include basic knowledge of paleontology and stratigraphy, the Guanling Biota and the Keichousanrus Fauna, as well as the peculiar and elegant karst geomorphology formed by Triassic strata. More than eighty selected pictures display a magnificent spectacle of the geological relicts of Triassic sea, many of which are precious and unusual, and the explanations both in Chinese and English are simple in language easy for a popular readership.


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