Aspects of Biomineralization

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Author: Ye Lianjun
Language: English
1996; Hardcover;165x240mm;207

This book is the second collection of the latest achievements of a key research project, " The Study of biomineralization and its geological background", established and supported by the Notional Natural Science Foundation of China and Chinese Academy of Sciences during 1992 to 19996. The first book, "Biognic biomineralization," has already been published in Chinese in 1993 by China Ocean Press. In that book, our achievements on the research project during the first working period (1992-1993) are collected.

Table of Contents

1. The New Aspects of Biomineralization
2. Microbial Constraints on the Formation of Phosphorites
3. Microfossil Assemblages and Phosphatization of the Upper Sinian
Doushantuo Phosphorite Deposits in Central Guizhou, China
4. Microphytoplanktonic Fossils of the Sinian-Early Cambrian
Phosphorite Deposits in the Yangtze Platform
5. The Roles of Microbes in the Formation of Black Shales Series
Hosted Manganese Carbonate Deposits in China
6. Geochemical Study of the role of Organic Matter and the
Paleoenvironment in Formation of Minle Manganese Carbonate Ore
Deposit, China
7. Microbial Fossil-types and Characteristics of Xuanlong Hematite
8. Formation of the Huayuan Lead-Zinc Mineral Deposit and Ancient
Oil-gas Accumulation
9. Biological Control on the Genesis of the Bedded Barite, Witherite
and Rhodochrosite Deposits: Discussion on Environment and
10.The Formation and Evolution of the Brines of Lake Hetongchahannor
11.Algae are the Major Factor of Phosphate Formation and Deposition
12.The Role of Organic Matter in Lead-Zinc Transport Processes
13.Simulation Test of Algal Actions on Formation and Deposition of
14.Geochemical Characteristics and Ore Mineralization of
Organic-rich Chert-Mudstone Series in the Upper Yangtze Platform,
Southwest China


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