Atlas of Amber Insects of China


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Author: Hong Yongchong
Language: In Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7534925479
Published on: 2002-08

This book Atlas of amber insects of China for the first time dealing systematically with amber insects at home is the only work of its kind to be published for the paleontological and emtomological circles in China, hence it may be called the first atlas of Chinese paleoentomology.
The amber insect specimens illustrated in this book were collected from the coal seams of the Guchengzi Formation of the Fushun Coal Mine in fushu City, Liaoning Province, belonging to Early Eocene in age (ca 50 my B.P) *Corresponding to European Ypresian Stage). The Fushun amber, which forms one of the important amber localities in the world, includes abundantly various types of insects, are well known at home and abroad, because of th epresence in them of well-preserved complete and lifelike bodies.
The book consists mainly of three parts, the first part gives some basic knowledge about the amber and amber insects, including their formation within coal mine, the physical and chemical characters of ambers, the distinction between the natural and artificial ambers, and processing and uses of the ambers. The second part discusses the geological background of the formation of amber and the trapped insects, including such aspects as paleogeography, paleoclimatology, paleovegetation, stratigraphy, as well as amber collecting in the field and the method of study in the laboratory and so on. The third part, the major portion, embraces taxanomy of the amber insects with basic descriptions of generic and specific characteristics The contents of the three parts are closely related and well arranged from simple to complex and linked up with each other, so that they are easy to understand. Evidently, the atlas so systematically organized with prove to be an invaluable popular book for the public.
In the atlas three are examples carefully chosen from eight orders of the insects: Ephemeroptera, Blattaria, Homoptera (aphids), Heteroptera, Psocoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, covering 9 suborders, 7 infraorlers 30 superfamilies, 55 families, 25 subfamilies, 7 tribini, 174 genera and 199 species. The atlas gives so far the most complete and up-todate systematic record of the insect taxa in China, thus laying a sound foundation for furthering the study in this field.

1.Ephemeroptera Hyatt et Arms, 1890
2.Blattaria Latreille, 1810
3.Homoptera Leach, 1815
4.Heteroptera Linne, 1758
5.Psocoptera Leach, 1815
6.Coleoptera Linne, 1758
7.Diptera Linne, 1758
8.Hymenoptera Linne, 1758

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