Atlas of Clinical Hematology and Cytology (Third Edition)


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Author: Liu Zhijie et al.
Language: Chinese, atlas in Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7030163818
Published on: 2006-01

1.All the pictures in this atlas are copies of real clinical specimens that have been engraved ready to check

2.We use the internationally accepted names to name the cells in this atlas.

3.In this atlas, the pictures and its legend are printed on the same page to make it easy to read.

4.we use both Chinese and English explanation for the convenience of international academic exchage.

5.Improved Wright-Giemsa stain is adopted in staining the speciemens, so the cells are bright in color and distinct in structure.


Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Hemopoiesis
Chapter 2 Examination of blood cells
Chapter 3 Cytochemical Stains and special tests in hematology
Chapter 4 Immunocytochemical staining
Chapter 5 Cytogenetic examination and chromosomal changes in malignant hematological disorders
Chapter 6 Electron microscopy
Chapter 7 Molecular genetic examination
Chapter 8 Bone marrow morphology in the recovery phase of allogeneic bone marrow for autologous hemopoietic stem cell transplantation
Chapter 10 Automated analysis of blood cells and clinic
Chapter 11 Diagnostic technology of needle aspiration exfoliation cytology
PART 2 General Hematology
Chapter 12 Main points of recognition of blood cells
Chapter Morphology of erythoocytic series
Chapter 14 Morphology of myelomonocytic series
Chapter 15 Morphology of megakaryocytic series
Chapter 16 Morphology of lymphocytic and plasmacytic series
Chapter 17 Morphology of other cells
Part 3 Special Hematology
Chapter 18 The application of cell morphology in clinics
Chapter 19 Erythrocyte disorders
Chapter 20 Sports anemia
Chapter 21 Myelodysplastic syndrome
Chapter 22 Acute leukemia
Chapter 23 Chronic myeloid/lymphoid proliferative disorders
Chapter 24 Special leukemia
Chapter 25 Lymphoma, myeloma and neuroblastoma
Chapter 26 Metastatic carcinoma in bone marrow
Chapter 27 Tumor of histiocyte and dendritic cell
Chapter 28 Subhealth
Chapter 29 Blood parasites
Part 4 Color Atlas
Fig.1 Hemopoietic System figure
Fig.2 Schematic Diagram of blood cell
Fig.3 Development of blood cell
Fig.599 Dry blood picture of carcinoma of kidney after operation
Fig.600 Fibrinous rete of carcinoma of kidney after operation
Fig. 601 Fibrinous rete of lung cancer before operation
Part 5 Appendix
Appendix I Abstract of case history
Appendix II Examination values in hematological morphology
Appendix III Abbreviations in the book

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