Atlas Of Ecology and Environment In The Three Gorges Area Of The Changjiang River

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Author: Research Group on Impacts of the Three Gorges Project on Ecology
Language: English
Published on: 1990-01

The ecology and environment of the Three Gorges area is a multi-level and multi-factor complexities. In order to achieve a scientific evaluation on the Three Gorges project, the authors have compared the internal environmental structures and analyzed the leading factors of ecological variation from a view of the whole drainage basin. This atlas will provide a quantitative, quantitative and located bases and offer an effective way to study environmental science. The atlas is divided into 8 series of thematic maps according to the logical system of natural genetics. It forms a complete ecological and environmental system from inorganic to organic world. from land ecology to water ecology, from physical environment to social environment, and from the reservoir area to the lakes and the river outlet. The authors made the atlas according to the principles unity and harmony after analyzing the first-hand data collected by hundreds of experts who are engaged in dozens of disciplines. It is not only a necessary aid for current decision-making on the Three Gorges project, but also a historical record of "restoring land-space" after completing the Three Gorges project.

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