Atlas of Fluid Inclusions in Minerals

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Author: V.I.Starostin
Language: English and Russian
Published on: 1999-01

There are 10 photo tables of the numerous magmatic inclusions made in the main by Bakumenko in the book “ Magmatogene crystallization to the data of the melt inclusions study. The first separate atlas of the micro Petrichenko O.I.(1977) issued inclusions in the minerals of the halogen rocks but these were only the liquid inclusions in the natural crystals of salines.
The list of the Russian and Foreign books having inclusion photos of the mineral forming solutions and melts is almost echausted by the above mentioned works. In the majority of them, however, the inclusions are not in the systematic order and the quality of photos leaves much to be de-sired. Meanwhile it was necessary to issue in one edition the training visual appliance containing the variety of inclusions which are characteristic for all industry genetic types of the ore deposits and magmatic rocks. For this purpose the authors enlisted partially the home and foreign followers who send their micro photos and which authority is fixed in notes. However the greatest quantity of high quality photo documents on inclusions was made specially by Melnikov F.P.

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