Atlas of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome

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Author: Edited by Hung Tao
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030002695
Published on: 1988-01

This is a comprehensive atlas of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) written on the basis of long time and multidisciplinary studies by the authors. The book is characterized by: (1) a concise description of the disease with abundant pictures that provide the reader with an overall knowledge of HFRS and its causative agent, Hantavirus; (2) a proper combination of practical applications such is identification and diagnosis of the virus per se, and of basic studies such' as ultrapathology and genomic mapping to satisf, y the needs of readers at different levels; (3)novel contents comprising predominantly of domestic materials from China in combination with materials from abroad. It is the first atlas of the sort published concurrently in English and Chinese to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of readers, including clinicians, epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, and those engaged in molecular biology of viruses.

The atlas consists of three parts. Part I includes: geographical distribution, main animal reservoirs, clinical manifestations, histopathology, immuno pathology, genomic (RNA), polypeptide profiles of HFRS virus, etc., providing an outline of fundamental
knowledge of HFRS as a whole disease entity. Part II concentrates on virus morphology as seen by thin section, negative staining as well as immune electron microscopy that leads to correctly recognizing and identifying the virus of H FRS, the newly recognized infectious agent o.f medical importance.. Part III emphasizes ultrapathology of cells infected by HFRS viruses and morlJhogenesis of the virus; providing. the reader with the first-hand materials of pathogenesis of HFRS virus.


Part I
Geographical Distribution of HFRS
Main Vectors of HFRS
Clinical Aspects of HFRS
General Pathology of HFRS Patient
General Pathology of HFRS Virus in Experimentally Infected Animals
Immunofluorescent Staining of HFRS Virus Infected Cells (Vero-E6)
Genome (RNA) and Proteins of HFRS (R22) Virus
Part II
The Morphology of HFRS Virions (Thin section EM, negative staining EM, thin section immuno-enzyme EM and immuno-colloidal gold EM) Morphological Characterization of Virions-Illustrated with Diagram
Part III
Ultrastructural Pathology of HFRS Virus Infected Cells and Morphogenesis of HFRS Virus
Chapter 1 General View of HFRS Infected Cells
Chapter 2 Viral Inclusion Bodies
Chapter 3 Viral Antigen Layer on Infected Cell Surfaces
Chapter 4 Virion Associated Granules (VAG)
Chapter 5 Presumed Morphogenesis of HFRS Virions-Diagram Illustrating Morphogenesis of HFRS Virus
Presumptive Role of Plasma Membrane and Microvilli in Morphogenesis of HFRS Virus

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