Atlas of Mosquitoes in the Border of Yunnan


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Author: Cai Fuchang
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787222088665
Published on: 2012-01


Subfamily Anopheles
Genus Anopheles Meigen,1818
Anopheles(Anopheles) aitkenii James,1903
Anopheles(Anopheles) bengalensis Puri,1930
Anopheles(Anopheles) anthropophagus Xu and Feng,1975
Anopheles(Anopheles) barbirostris Van der Wulp,1884
Subfamily Culicinae
Tribe Aedini
Genus Aedes Meigen,1818
Tribe Armigerini
Genus Armigeres Theobald,1901
Genus Ochlerotatus Lynch Arribalzaga,1891
Subgenus Finlaya Theobald,1903
Tribe Culicini
Genus Culex Linnaeus,1758
Tribe Orthopodomyiini
Genus Orthopodomyia Theobald,1904
Tribe Sabethini
Genus Topomyai Leicester,1908
Genus Malaya Leicester,1908
Genus Tripteroides Giles,1904
Tribe Uranotaeniini
Genus Uanotaenia Lvnch Arribalzaga,1891
Subfamily Toxorhynchitinae
Genus Toxorhynchites Theobald,1901

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