Atlas of Remote Sensing Investigation on Eco-environment in Western China


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Author: State Environmental Protection Administration
Language: Chinese
Published on: 2002-01

The Atlas collected over 200 remote sensing images and thematic maps produced by digital mapping technology in the eco-environmental status investigation based on remote sensing technology in Western China, attached with lots of statistical charts, photos and illustrations.

Part One: Eco-environmental Background in China
1.Topograph and Landscape
3.Grain of Soil
5.Images of NOAA AVHRR in Seasons
7.Land Use
9.Status of Economic Development
10.Social economic Development
11.National Eco-environmental Monitoring Network

Part Two: Eco-environmental Status and Changes in Western China
1.Physical Landscape in Western China
2.Administrative Divisions in Western China
3.Physical Landscape in Nei Mongol
4.Land Cover Change in Nei Mongol
5.Physical Landscape in Guangxi
6.Land Cover Status in Guangxi
7.Land Cover Change in Guangxi
8.Physical Landscape in Chongqing
9.Land Cover Status in Chingqing
10.Land Cover Change in Chongqing
11.Physical Landscape in Sichuan
12.Land Cover Status in Sichuan
13.Land Cover Change in Sichuan
14.Physical Landscape in Guizhou
15.Land Cover Status in Guizhou
16.Land Cover Change in Guizhou
17.Physical Landscape in Yunnan
18.Land Cover Status in Yunnan
19.Land Cover Change in Yunnan
20.Physical Landscape in Xizang
21.Land Cover Status in Xizang
22.Physical Landscape in Shaanxi
23.Land Cover Status in Shaanxi
24.Land Cover Change in Shaanxi
25.Physical Landscape in Gansu
26.Land Cover Status in Gansu
27.Land Cover Change in Gansu
28.Physical loandscape in Qinghai
29.Land Cover States in Qinghai
30.Land cover Change in Qinghai
31.Physical Landscape in Ningxia
32.Land Cover Status in Ningxia
33.Land Cover Change in Ningxia
34.Physical Landscape in Xinjiang
35.Land Cover Status in Xinjiang
36.Land Cover Change in Xinjiang
37.Land Cover Change in Western China

Part Three: Land Degradation Status in Western China
1.Desertification Status in nei Mongol
2.Soil Erosion Status in Nei Mongol
3.Soil Erosion Status in Guangxi
4.Soil Erosion Status in Chongqing
5.Soil Erosion Status in Sichuan
6.Soil Erosion Status in Guizhou
7.Soil Erosion Status in Yunnan
8.Soil Erosion Status in Xizang
9.Desertification Status in Shaanxi
10.Sil Erosion Status in Shaanxi
11.Desertification Status in Gansu
12.Soil Erosion Status in Gansu
13.Desertification Status in Qinghai
14.Soil Erosion Status in Qinghai
15.Desertification Status in Ningxia
16.Soil Erosion Status in Ningxia
17.Desertification Status in Xinjiang
18.Soil erosion Status in Xinjiang
19.Desertification and Siol Erosion Status in Western China

Part Four: Integrated Assessment of Eco-environment in Western China
1.State Assessment-Component Indicators
2.State Assessment-Pattern Indicators
3.Stae Assessment-Vigor Indicators
4.Pressure Indicatior Assessment
5.Response Indicator Assessment
6.Integrated Assessment of Eco-environment

Part Five: Eco-environment in Typical Regions of Western China
1.Eco-environmental Conditions in Tarim Downriver
2.Land Cover Status and Change in Tarim Downriver
3.Analysis of Eco-environment in Tarim Downriver
4.Eco-environmental Conditions in Heihe Basin
5.Land Cover Status and Change in heihe Basin
6.Analysis of Eco-environment in Heihe Basin
7.Eco-environmental Conditons in Source Region of Huanghe
8.Land Cover Status and Change in Source Region of Huanghe
9.Analysis of Eco-environment in Source Region of Huanghe
10.Eco-environmental Conditions in Minjiang Upriver and Zoige Marsh
11.Land Cover Status and Change in Minjiang Upriver and Zoige Marsh
12.Analysis of Eco-environment in Minjiang Upriver and Zoige Marsh
13.Eco-environmental Conditions in Border Area of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Nei Mongol
14.Land Cover Status and Change in Border Area of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Nei Mongol
15.Analysis of Eco-environment in Border Area of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Nei Mongol
16.Eco-environmental Conditions at Northern Foot of Yinshan
17.Land Cover Status and Change at Northern Foot of Yinshan
18.Analysis of Eco-environment at Northern Foot of Yinshan
19.Eco-environmental Conditions in Three Gorges Area of Changjiang
20.Land Cover Status and Change in Three Goregs Area of Changjiang
21.Analysis of Eco-environment in Three Gorges Area in Changjiang
22.Eco-environmental Conditions in Dianchi Basin
23.Land Cover Status and Change in Dianchi Basin
24.Analysis of Eco-environment in Dianchi Basin

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