Atlas of the Lithofacies and Palaeogeography of South China (Sinian-Triassic)

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Author: Liu Baojun
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 703004326X
Published on: 1994-01

This is one of the series publications ''The Lithofacies and Palaeogeography and Prediction of Sediment-hosted Mineral Deposits in South China'', an research program set by Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. More than 300 researchers and 30 Institute and Organizations have attended in this huge projects. The general programme is a systematic summary and theoretical refinement of all research in this project. The publication of those achievements is of great significance in the researches of lithofacies-palaeogeography and depositional mineralization in China. This research is of considerable significance because it provides the following important characters.
1. Judging from the academic guiding thought. it assimulated the advanced theories of sedimentology and the view point of ''mobilism'' of global tectonics, with the attempt of analyzing the geological evolution of South China based on the tectonic setting of global sedimentary crust evolution as a whole.
2. It makes the best use of the latest data on sedimentary facies in South China. Taking continental margin as the focal point, it systematically analyzed the sedimentary environments and their evolution of each geological period and made a preliminary research into sequence stratigraphy and sea level changes which is of considerable significance in the development of sedimentary palaeogeography and stratigraphy.
3. It Places emphasis on the correct viewpoint that the formation of basin was controlled by tectonism and that the sedimentation was controlled by the feature of basin. The authors not only reviewed and analyzed the tectonism of the basement in the geological history of South China, but also pay much attention to the tectonic function and tectonic subsidence when they made scientific analysis of a basin. Based on the above-mentioned viewpoint, a valuable suggestion of dividing the tectonism of South China into several developmental stages was put forward.
4. Adhere to the orientation of research, the authors persist the right way of combining basic geology with applied geology, and suggested that the mineralization of sediment-hosted mineral deposits was closely related to the effects and interaction among sedimentary evolution of a basin, tectonic development and geologic events. Their work, not only discussed the enrichment processes of various useful elements associated with various geological events, but also promoted mineralization domains and mineralization zones concretely. All these provide scientific evidences for ore exploration in the future.
5. So far as the organization and efficiency of this project are concerned, it is a complex system program, whose participators include several tens of institutions and several hundreds of workers. In the course of research, not only the initiative and concentrated wisdom of the researchers was brought into full play, but also various discussions and academic exchanges were organized.

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