Atlas of the Sea Fishes of China in Live Color (2-Volume set)


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Author: Institute of Oceanology, Academia Sinica
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1996-01

China has territorial seas stretching to tropical, subtropical and temperate zones and a multitude of rivers emptying nutrients and freshwater into the waters bordering its extensive coastline of about 18000 km. Its vast expanse of continental shelves, many islands and coral reefs in the south China sea form a marine environment that offers a variety of habitats and niches which harbor rich fish fauna which are excellent material for ichthyological research, especially taxonomic studies.

Over the years, marine ichthyologists have made extensive collections of fishes from all possible sources, from their natural habitats to fish markets, and have accumulated abundant materials for taxonomic and ecological studies the results of which have been published in a number of papers, books, and atlases.

The first volume of this atlas includes 201 important, common economic fish species belonging to 174 genera in 114 families. The second volume of this atlas includes 192 commercial and coral reef fish species belonging to 119 genera in 66 families. Each species is illustrated in its natural life colours to give an realistic and artistic touch and is accompanied by a concise description (including English Version), diagnostic features, life habit, and geographic distribution. The fish's shape and colour are painted by researchers and workers upon the field study and specimen collection.

The atlas will be served as an indispensable reference for research and for educational and other purposes and as a popular handbook.


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