Bamboo Resources in Yunnan and Their Exploitation and Utilization


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Language: Chinese with English summary
1995; Hardcover;185x260mm;144 pages + 20 Plates

Table of Contents

1. Bamboos and Their Exploitation and Utilization
2. The Bamboo Resources in Yunnan and Their Features and Advantages
3. The Florae of Bamboo Subfamily in Yunnan
4. The Present Status and Strategies of the Bamboo Indutstry in Yunnan
5. An Economic Evaluation on the Exploitation of Bamboo Resources in Yunnan
6. The Division of Bamboo Forests in Yunnan and the Orientation of Developing
and Utilizing Bamboo Resources in Various Divisions
7. The Establishment of Demonstration Bases for High-Yield Bamboo Plantations in
8. The Ornamental Value of Bamboos and the Development of Ornamental Bamboos in
9. The Nutritive Value and the Industrial Development of Bamboo Shoots in Yunnan
10. The Ecological Benefits and the Utilization of the Ecological Environment of
Bamboo Forests
11. The Prospects and Strategies of Bamboo Plywood Industry in Yunnan
12. The Development of New Building Materials of Bamboos for the Improvement of
the Residences of the Dai People
13. The Bamboo Utilization for the Development of Papermaking Industry in Yunnan
in Place of Trees
14. The Craft Value of Bamboos and the Development of Bamboo Handicraft articles
in Yunnan
15. The Culture of Bamboo-A Sign of the Historic Culture of China
16. A Survey of Bamboo Resources and Their Utilization at Home and Abroad
17. References


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