Bamboos of Hunnan (Hunan Zhu Lei)


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Author: Yang Baomin
Language: Chinese with Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7535714633
1993; Paperback;140x205mm;281 pages

Table of Contents


Supratribe Bambusatae
Tribe Bambuseae Trin
Subtribe Bambusinae
  1.Bambusa Retz. Corr. Schreb
  2. Dendrocalamopsis Keng f.
Tribe Dendrocalaminae Benth
  3.Neosinocalamus Keng f
  4.Dend rocalamus Nees
Tribe Shibataeae Nakai-emed. Keng f.
Subtribe Phyllostachydinae Kengf.
  5.Indosasa McClure
  6.Sinobambusa Makino ex Nakai
  7.Phyllostachys Sieb et Zucc
Subtribe SHibataeineae
  8.Shibataea Makino
  9.Chmonobambusa Makino
Supratribe Arundinariatae Keng et
Tribe Aruninariatae Staud
Subtribe Thamuocalminae Kengf.
  10.Fargesia Franch
  11.Yushania Keng f.
Subtribe Arundinariinae
  12.Acidosasa Chu et Chao
  13.Oligostachyum Wang et Ye
  14.Pleioblastus Nakai
  15.Bashania Keng f. et Yi
  16.Gelidocalamus Wen
  17.Pseudosasa Makino
Subtribe Sasinae Keng f
  18.Sasa Makino et Shibata
  19.Indocalamus Nakai  


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