Bioclast Reflectance-A New Frontier Of Organic Petrology


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Author: Wang Xiaofeng
Language: English
Published on: 1997-01

1. Introduction
2. Macerals In Sinian And Early Paleozoic Sediments
(1) Faunal Relics or Remains
(2) Bituminite
(3) Vitrinite-like Macerals
(4) Alginite
(5) Liptodetrinite
3. The Geological Setting Of The Investigated Region
(1) The Sinian System
(2) The Cambrian System
(3) The Ordovician System
(4) The Silurian System
4. Collection And Preparation Of Samples
(1) Sample Collection
(2) Sample Preparation
(3) The Application of Methods
5. Distribution Patterns Of Regional Maturity Values In The Study Region
(1) Sinian and Cambrian
(2) The Ordovician and Silurian

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