Biodiversity on Marine Estuarine Wetland


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Author: Huang Zongguo
Language: In Chinese with English Abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7502761950
Published on: 2004-01

This book discusses marine estuarine bays and wetlands in China, migratory birds and their migration, biodiversity and 84marine natural reserves. Using Fujian Quanzhou Bay estuarine wetland as an example, the book describes the characteristics of intertidal and tidal creek animal communities and tidal marsh vegetation, migration season for migratory birds and breeding of resident birds, temporal and spatial distribution of species, sustainable development of biodiversity and invasive species, conservation of biodiversity and establishment of nature reserves. There are records of some 1,000species. Of these, morphological drawings for 363species are included. There are also 40pages containing some 200colour plates on natural ecological landscape and species.

1.Biodiversity of Estuarine Wetlands in China
(1)Coast and Estuarine Bays in China
(2)Marine Estuarine Wetlands and Waterfowl in China
(3)Marine Biodiversity in China
(4)Marine Nature Reserves in China
2.Quanzhou Municipality and Quanzhou Bay
(1)Marine Culture of Quanzhou and Five Characteristics of Quanzhou Bay
(2)Environmental Quality of Quanzhou Bay
(3)Biodiversity of Quanzhou Bay
3.Animal Diversity in Quanzhou Marine Wetlands
(1)Animal Species Diversity
(2)Animal Community Diversity
(3)Biodiversity on Mangrove Plant Surface
(4)Population Ecology and Biology
(5)Nationally Important Protected Aquatic Animals
4.Plant Diversity in Quanzhou Marine Wetlands
(1)Species and Distribution of Tidal and Littoral Plants in Quanzhou Bay
(2)Plant Diversity in the Three Nuclear Zones of the Nature Reserve
(3)Three Mangrove Species in Quanzhou Bay
(4)Spartina in Quanzhou Bay and Alien Species
(5)Algae in Quanzhou Bay
5.Birds in Quanzhou Bay
(1)Reports on Four Bird Surveys in 1988-1999
(2)Birds in Jinjiang River Estuary and Coastal Zone
(3)Abundance of Waterfowl and Population Dynamics in Quanzhou Bay
(4)Fifteen Years’ Bird Records in Quanzhou Bay
(5)Population Dynamics of Waterfowl in Xi Lake of Quanzhou
(6)Reproduction and Population Dynamics of 5 Species of Egrets
6.Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Wetland Organisms
(1)Phenology of Wetland Organisms in Quanzhou Bay
(2)Vertical Distribution of Wetland Organisms in Quanzhou Bay
(3)Horizontal Distribution of Wetland Organisms in Quanzhou Bay
7.Sustainable Development of Biodiversity in Quanzhou Bay
(1)Fisheries in Quanzhou Bay
(2)Aquaculture in Quanzhou Bay
(3)Production of Sinonavacula constricta spat in Quanzhou Bay
8.The Protection of Biodiversity in the Wetland of Quanzhou Bay
(1)The Four Major Threats to Biodiversity in Quanzhou Bay
(2)Protection and Management of Biodiversity in Quanzhou Bay
(3)Fujian Province Quanzhou Bay Marine Estuarine Wetland Provincial Nature Reserve

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