BiogeochemicalStudy of the Changjiang Estuary -- Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biogeochemical Study of the Changjiang Estuary and Its Adjacent Coastal Waters of the East China Sea

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Author: Yu Guohui
Language: English
Published on: 1990-01

In the light of the scientific agreement between the Chinese and French governments, a joint study on "Biogeochemical Processes of the Pollutants and Nutrients in the Changjiang Estuary and Its Adjacent Coastal Waters of the East China Sea" has been carried out by scientists of the two countries. The Sino-French joint study also known as “Donghai Programme", started from 1985 and lasted for three years, during which two cruises were carried out, various kinds of samples and a lot of analytical and experimental data have been gathered. As a result , nearly 80 scientific papers and reports have been written by the scientists of the two countries. These papers are related to the physical, chemical and biological processes which control in fact of inorganic and organic substances in the Changjiang Estuary and its adjacent East China Coastal Waters, the finds basic cognized on the biogeochemical processes occurring at the river/sea water, sediment/water and air/water interface, the assessment of the effect of Changjiang dissolved and particulate materials of the environmental pollution and the biological productivity of near coastal areas etc.

Oceanography (6 papers);
Ecology and Bio-Energy (7 papers);
Inorgano-Geochemistry(24 papers);
Organo-Geochemistry (25 papers).

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