Biostratigraphy and Geological Evolution of Tarim

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Author: Zhou Zhiyi & Chen Peiji
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030028732
Published on: 1992-01

Tarim, one of the Largest inland basins of Chin, lies in the southern part of Xinjiang. In this book, the general process for the evolution of Tarim is given: from a palaeozoic plateform, went to Mesozoic non-marine sedimentary basins, and finally into the present single giant inland basin beneath the extensive desert of Taklimakan

1.A Review of the Upper Precambrian on the Northern Margin of Tarim
2.Cambrian in Tarim
3.Ordovician of Tarim
4.Silurian of Tarim and Adjacent Areas
5.Notes on Early Palaeozoic Plates Activities in Xinjiang
6.Devonian of Tarim and Adjacent Areas
7.Carboniferous of Tarim and Its Adjacents
8.Permian of Tarim and Its Adjacents
9.Geological Development of Tarim During the Late Palaeozoic
10.Non-marine Triassic of Tarim
11.Jurassic of Tarim
12.Cretaceous of Tarim
13.Tertiary of Tarim
14.Geological Development of Tarim During the Mesozoic and Cenozoic
Plates and Explanation of Plates (1-8)

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