Biota Taiwanica Hexapoda: Lepidoptera, Calliduloidea, Callidulidae (Callidulinae)

台湾生物志 鳞翅目 锚纹蛾总科 锚纹蛾科 锚纹蛾亚科

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Author: Yen Shen-Horn and Wu Shipher
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9789579014397
Published on: 2009-01

The project “Biota Taiwanica” was first launched in 2007 under the sponsorship of the National Science Council. The aim of the whole series is to present a contemporary account of Taiwan’s native fauna and flora for various purposes, such as scientific research, education, professional training, resource management and interest of the general public. Although our knowledge of the island’s Lepidoptera fauna remains far from complete, the immediate and potential value of the series is beyond doubt. This series is aimed to provide a synopsis of the native Lepidoptera species of Taiwan, and to serve as a concise manual for identification. This series also incorporates colour pictures of each taxon, dichotomous keys, diagnoses of all taxa, valid names and synonymys, followed by references, geographical distributions and general biology and citation of representative museum collections.

The family Callidulidae
A key to the Callidulidae species distributed in Taiwan
The genus Tetragonus
Tetragonus catamitus
The genus Callidula
Callidula attenuate
The genus Pterodecta
Pterodecta flederi
Appendix 1 Acronyms of the depository
Legends of Figure Plates
Fig.1 The Callidulidae species occurring in Taiwan
Fig.2 Male abdominal structures and genitalia of Callidulidae
Fig.3 Female abdominal structures and genitalia of Callidulidae
Fig.4 Live adult and immature stages of Callidula attenuate

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